Bangladesh organizes protest against Pakistan in Geneva

The International Forum for Secular Bangladesh, Switzerland chapter, held a poster disposition on Friday at the Broken Chair square in front of the UN building in Geneva against Pakistan for the 1971 Bangladesh genocide.
Bangladeshis living in Switzerland gathered in front of the United Nations office in Geneva to seek justice against the 1971 genocide by Pakistan and for its recognition by the international community.
The protest marks the 51 anniversary of the conclusion of the worst genocide of the post-World War II era, and it is time to recognize the Bangladesh genocide. It is observed on 16 December, which is also the Independence Day of Bangladesh.
On this day, Pakistani generals surrendered to the Indian army and the Bangladesh Liberation Force. On 16 December, 1971, the Pakistan Army surrendered to a joint India-Bangladesh force, formally making Bangladesh a new nation under the leadership of Sheikh Mujibur Rehman. The war began on 26 March, 1971, and continued for nine months, killing as many as three million people, before victory was declared in December.

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