Balochistan facing medicine, injection shortage amid epidemic

Poor people of all ages are being affected by the out-of-control leishmania outbreak that has expanded to one of the regions of Balochistan, Pakistan. The local hospitals don’t have enough medicine and injection supplies due to the unexpected surge in the number of affected people.

The health officer of Kalat district, Dr. Nasrullah, said that more than 600 leishmaniasis patients have been registered. He further added that since the number of affected individuals has increased, the quantity of medical supplies provided by the government is insufficient. They have appealed to the Health Department and government officials in this regard but have not received any response regarding that matter. He advised the government that if the disease is not controlled timely, it is liable to spread to other regions as well and affect large numbers of people. The rapid spread of this sandfly-borne disease can be attributed to last year’s flood situation.

After failing to anticipate the situation beforehand after the floods, the government is now on the back foot and is asking for help from international organisations like WHO and UNICEF. A free ration camp was organised by many organisations, foundations, and non-governmental organisations to help the port city of Gwadar, Balochistan. Wherein 500 needy people who were selected to receive the ration package were asked to leave the package and return home empty-handed after the photo session was over. According to locals, they felt very disrespected and mocked by the administration.

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