Ayushmann Khurrana: “I Wish My Father Could Have Watched Dream Girl 2”


Ayushmann Khurrana is going through an amazing time in his professional life due to ‘Dream Girl 2’ blockbuster performance at the box office. As he soaked in a celebratory spirit, he remembered his late father, P Khurana, saying how he motivated him to become a good actor.

“I wish my father was here to experience this. Dream Girl was his favourite film. He was very proud of how I attempted something so different. I remember he was in splits while watching the film. He had predicted that the film will be a roaring success. I wish he could have watched Dream Girl 2 too,” he shared.

“I know he would have loved it and I would have loved watching him laugh again with all his heart. His laughter was infectious and he was my biggest supporter. His unflinching faith in me has made me who I’m today,” Ayushmann added.

Ayushmann said that his father was his biggest cheerleader.

“I walked the path less travelled because he told me that I was the creator of my own destiny and that I should always do what my heart says. I know he is blessing me from above. His profound words will always resonate with me ‘beta public ki navz samjho’,” he said.

Ayushmann’s father Khurrana passed away on May 19. He was popularly known in North India for his contribution to the field of astrology. Hailing from Chandigarh, he had written books based on his knowledge of the subject.