Ayurveda being a 5000-year-old ancient Indian holistic medical practice has successfully involved and evolved the performances of mind, body, and soul. It is defined as the “science of life” offering varied therapeutic measures with the right diet and proper lifestyle to prevent diseases, emphasising maintenance, and improvement in mind and health.


Ayurveda sees life as a composition of mental, physical, and spiritual factors including the body, mind, senses, and spirit. All these factors are well treated and taken care of Ayurvedic treatment. Being a holistic process, Ayurveda offers better and improved health to a person through the right diet, yoga, detoxification, massage, meditation, herbal remedies, and daily lifestyle. All of these also help in having the right state of mind along with improving a person’s behavior and dealing with the criticalities of life. Consistent practice of Ayurveda not only prevents the growth of diseases but treats the root cause of all diseases. It is a study that finds illness is caused by an imbalance taking place between the physical or mental constitution of a body and thus assists the body to correctly balance both the physical and mental aspects. Ayurveda has the power to improve various physical uneasiness including prevention of disorders in the long term.


Ayurveda has witnessed success over so many ages due to the two most important factors namely, dinacharya and yoga. Dinacharya is the daily routine that is required to be followed without fail to live a healthy life. According to Ayurveda, one should wake up at least an hour before sunrise and then should follow all steps in an entire day to keep the body and mind active and calm. Attending the nature’s call, that is, malotsarg means excretion of bowels or urination is the next step, following to which one should clean his or her teeth with Neem stick or Acacia. Following it, sesame oil or mustard oil, or ghee should be used as nasal drops to stop the growth of premature hair greying or baldness. Next comes the mouth wash was done with Triphala or other medicinal oils. This helps in maintaining oral hygiene. Oleation comes next which is the application of oil daily to keep the skin soft and improve blood circulation.

The next part is yoga or vayama means body exercise to help the body and soul stay active, flexible, and ready to function at any critical moment. Practicing yoga regularly not only keeps the body lean but helps it to fight against any ailments. Taking bath or snana in half or an hour after exercising is significant as that assures good sleep, less hair fall, etc. Eating the right meal by following the right diet chart is the most important facet in Ayurveda to make the body rightly behave. Sleep, that is, nidra is the second most important aspect as proper sleeping improves health and longevity along with improving the complexion and glow of a body.


According to Ayurveda, the energy levels of our body match with the time around the day. Ayurvedic Clock is the same as the biological clock or body clock which is interlinked between the body and the mind to function relatively surrounding the physical energy.

It also tells us that our daily rhythm is aligned with the rhythm of nature and we should perform our daily tasks following the alignment to achieve mind-body balance and well-being.

If this rhythm is ignored, health deteriorates and the body starts finding difficulties. Therefore, following the daily regimes, it is possible to enjoy the benefits from Ayurveda and live a healthy life for a long run.

The writer is the founder of HairVeda.

Being a holistic process, Ayurveda offers better and improved health to a person through the right diet, yoga, detoxification, massage, meditation, herbal remedies, and daily lifestyle.

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