Australia should prepare for war with China : ‘Red Alert’

Red Alert’ – a joint report of Australian newspapers – The Sydney Morning Herald and The Age, warned the country to prepare for war with China in the next three years, reported Taiwan News.
The independent report, entitled “Red Alert,” was authored by five security analysts, namely – Alan Finkel, Peter Jennings, Lavina Lee, Mick Ryan and Lesley Seebeck and published by the Nine Entertainment media group. The report indicates that a conflict involving Taiwan and China is much more likely than most Australian citizens realize, reported Taiwan News.
The general view of the analysts is that Australia is not ready to be drawn into a war involving China and Taiwan, but that the country should begin preparing with a sense of urgency.
Further, given the country’s alliance with the US, it would be very difficult for Australia to avoid involvement in a war, the report said. “An attack on Taiwan is the subject of most speculation but not the only scenario which would threaten Australia’s security and prosperity. Australia must not prepare itself for a single scenario. Instead, it must put a priority on flexibility to deal with many contingencies. Democracies rarely predict their next war, and the next war is guaranteed not to be like the last,” the report added.
“Our assessment of the risk of war is based on President Xi Jinping’s aggressive stance and rapid military build-up,” the Red Alert report read. It suggests a three-year time frame because, according to the analysis, “a tipping point” will be reached around 2027, after which “Beijing will have military superiority over the US in the Taiwan Strait.”
Australia finds itself in a precarious position, because its greatest trading partner is also the greatest potential threat to its sovereignty.

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