Australia: Man dies after whale strikes boat in waters off  


According to a CNN report, an incident occurred on Saturday morning in the waters near Sydney, Australia, where a boat was apparently struck by a whale, resulting in the capsizing of the boat. Tragically, one man lost his life, and another was injured in the incident.

New South Wales Water Police Acting Superintendent Siobhan Munro stated that around 6 am local time, authorities received reports of two individuals in the water just beyond the headland past Botany Bay. Upon their arrival, the police successfully rescued the two male individuals who had been on the vessel. Regrettably, one of them was confirmed to have passed away.

Munro mentioned, “Initial reports suggest that a whale may have breached near or onto the boat.” She also noted that the vessel has been recovered and will undergo forensic examination to determine the exact circumstances of the incident.

It remains uncertain whether the two men involved in the accident had been wearing life jackets, as reported by CNN referencing Channel 7. Munro emphasized the importance of being cautious during the boating season, highlighting the potential dangers that exist on waterways.