Australia calls for “humanitarian pauses on hostilities”


Australia has called for “humanitarian pauses on hostilities” in the conflict between Israel and Hamas in order to protect people and permit the delivery of necessary supplies.
Penny Wong, the Australian foreign minister, stated, “We call for humanitarian pauses on hostilities, so food, water, medicine, and other essential assistance can reach people in desperate need, and so civilians can get to safety.”
Wong expressed worry that Gazans have little access to aid and that it is “nowhere near enough.”

This plea comes after the United Nations Relief and Works Agency for Palestine Refugees in the Near East (UNRWA) reported that only eight out of the scheduled 20 aid trucks had entered Gaza through the Rafah crossing.
Wong emphasised the importance of safeguarding innocent Palestinian civilians, asserting that they “should not suffer because of the outrages perpetrated by Hamas”. She also highlighted the significance of how Israel exercises its right to defend itself, underscoring its impact on civilians in the region.
In addition, Wong said, “Hamas does not represent the Palestinian people” and that it “undermines the legitimate aspirations of the Palestinian people.” She also called for the protection of civilian lives, acknowledging the dire humanitarian situation in Gaza and widespread human suffering.