Atiq, Ashraf murder case: SIT and Judicial Inquiry Commission team camp in Prayagraj


SIT and judicial commission team are investigating in the Atiq and Ashraf murder case now camped in Prayagraj. All three shooters are being interrogated and preparations are being made for the lie detector test. At the time of the incident, 42 eyewitnesses will also have to answer many questions. SIT prepares to present chargesheet of Atiq and Ashraf murder case in the court as soon as possible.

SIT will present the chargesheet in the court as soon as the shooters give answers of the questions. SIT team will seek permission from the court to conduct lie detector test on all three shooters. After the lie detector test, the reason behind the murder and who is behind the conspiracy like questions will get answers. SIT has also made further preparations, if any stone remains unturned in the case then lie detector test will help to complete interrogation.

The judicial commission probing the murder case of mafia Atiq Ahmed and his brother Ashraf has reached Prayagraj on 16 May in Prayagraj. Commission’s chairman former Chief Justice DB Bhosle and all four members now reached Circuit House Prayagraj. Statements of the media personnel, policemen, the doctors doing Atiq and Ashraf’s X-ray and the post-mortem who were present on the spot will be recorded.

The judicial inquiry commission will record the statements of about 50-60 people. Summons have been issued to all the people to record their statements. The judicial commission can once again inspect the spot. The judicial commission will try to find out the reason for the murder through CCTV footage. Thirdly, the team of the Judicial Inquiry Commission has reached Prayagraj.

Earlier on April 20 and May 6 also the team of the Judicial Inquiry Commission had reached here. The team of the Judicial Inquiry Commission has already got the crime scene recreated. The police commissioner and DM have met the judicial inquiry commission. The commission has to complete the investigation in two months and submit the report to the government. Apart from the Judicial Commission, two SITs of the UP Police are also probing the matter.  Three shooters were caught from the spot after the murder of Atiq and Ashraf on 15 April. Former Chief Justice of Jharkhand High Court Virendra Singh is the Vice-Chairman of the Judicial Inquiry Commission. Justice Arvind Kumar Tripathi former judge of the Allahabad High Court, Retired DG Subesh Kumar Singh, Retired District Judge Brijesh Kumar Soni are also the members of the Judicial Inquiry Commission.