Assessing Sachin Pilot’s performance as MLA of the Tonk Assembly constituency


Rajasthan has 200 legislative assembly seats, and one of them is Tonk. This city is recognised as the city of Nawabs. Currently, this seat is under the control of the Congress party. Sachin Pilot is the MLA from here. While mentioning the political history of this seat, there is a neck-to-neck fight between the BJP and Congress. In the 14 elections held so far, Congress has won 6 times, and BJP has won 5 times. In the 1962 elections, Radha Krishna from the Swatantra Party won, followed by D. Vyas from Congress in 1967. In 1970, S Prasad from the NCJ won, and in 1972, Ajit Singh from Jan Sangh emerged victorious. The 1977 elections saw the victory of Ajit Singh from the Janata Party. In 1980, Mahavir Prasad from BJP secured a win, while in 1985, Zakiya Imam from Congress won. Mahavir Prasad from BJP won consecutively in 1990 and 1993, establishing BJP’s dominance. Zakiya Imam from Congress won in 1998, and in 2003, Mahavir Prasad from BJP emerged victorious again. In 2008, the public favoured Zakiya Imam from Congress, and in 2013, Ajit Singh Mehta from BJP became the MLA. In the 2018 elections, Sachin Pilot from Congress achieved victory.
The demographic composition of the Tonk Assembly seat is also very dynamic. The total number of voters in Tonk is 2,51,878. The Gurjar community constitutes around 45,000 voters, Muslims around 60,000, Brahmins and Vaishyas 30,000, Scheduled Caste voters 35,000, and Mali community voters are 20,000.
Local issues in the Tonk Assembly constituency include perennially being a railway election issue, water scarcity, deteriorated rural roads, a shortage of doctors and staff in hospitals, corruption, and occasional power outages. Despite the promises made by Sachin Pilot, people feel deceived over time.