Assessing Pushpendra Singh Ranawat’s performance as MLA of Bali Assembly Constituency


Bali is one of the 200 legislative assembly seats in Rajasthan. Situated approximately 141 kilometres away from Jodhpur, the town of Bali is a part of the Pali district. Nestled along the banks of the Mithari River, Bali is known for its historical buildings and temples, making it a favourite among tourists. The Ranakpur Jain Temple, located amidst the hills in Bali, is a significant centre of Jain worship and attracts tourists with its beautiful architecture. This is why the town hosts fairs for both domestic and international tourists throughout the year.
Bali was the maternal home of Maharana Pratap, the ruler of Mewar. It is widely believed that he was born in Bali, and several landmarks and squares named after him still exist. Bali, particularly the Velar village, is also famous for the Panther Sanctuary.
The major industries in the Bali region are agriculture and umbrella manufacturing. The umbrellas produced here are well-known both nationally and internationally. During the COVID-19 pandemic, PP kits were first manufactured locally in Falna, near Bali.
Currently, the Bali constituency is under the control of the Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP), with Pushpendra Singh Ranawat serving as the MLA. The political history of the Bali seat indicates that the BJP has held sway for the past 30 years, establishing it as a stronghold. In 1952, independent candidate Laxman Singh won the election and represented the constituency in the legislative assembly. In 1957, independent candidate Moti became the legislator. Subsequently, in 1957, Congress candidate Deva won the election and became the MLA. In 1962, Congress candidate Mohan Raj emerged victorious. In 1967, Swatantra Party’s Prithvi Singh was elected. In 1972, Congress candidate Mohan Raj won again. In 1977, Janata Party’s Hanwant Singh was elected. In 1980, Congress candidate Aslam Khan became the MLA. In 1985, Congress candidate Raghunath emerged victorious. In 1990, independent candidate Amrit Lal won. After that, in the 1993 elections, Bhairon Singh Shekhawat of the BJP opened his account, and since then, the BJP has consistently won. In 1998, the public once again blessed BJP’s Bhairon Singh Shekhawat with victory. Subsequently, in 2003, 2008, 2013, and 2018, the people of Bali elected BJP’s Pushpendra Singh Ranawat as their MLA.
In terms of caste demographics in the Bali constituency, there are approximately 271,000 voters, with around 50,000 Rajput voters. The number of SC-ST voters is 55,000, and there are 51,000 OBC voters. Other backward-class voters number 22,000, while Sirohi voters are 25,000, and Jat voters are 25,000. Rajpurohit voters are 18,000, and Muslim voters are around 25,000.
Local issues in the Bali constituency include the water problem, unemployment among youth, law and order, and women’s safety. There is also a shortage of doctors and staff in hospitals. Additionally, development is needed in the education sector.
Speaking of his achievements, MLA Pushpendra Singh Ranawat claims to have undertaken substantial development work during his tenure. He asserts that he needed more cooperation from the Congress government in carrying out development projects. According to him, he facilitated the establishment of an ADM court, the construction of a sub-district hospital, and the construction of Desuri and Sadri colleges. During his tenure, the construction of state highways from Mundara to Desuri and Sadri to Sevari, as well as roads from Nadol to Bali and Boya to Balwana, was initiated.

Do you approve of your MLA’s work?
A – Yes 82.60%
B – No 16.14%
C – Don’t know 1.26%
Would you like to re-elect your MLA?
A – Yes 80.74%
B – No 16.14%
C – Don’t know 3.12%
If the candidate changes, would you vote for the same party?
A – Yes 48.93%
B – No 33.05%
C – Don’t know 18.02%
On what basis will you vote in the 2023 legislative assembly election?
A – Modi Factor 32.91%
B – CM Factor 5.59%
C – MLA Factor 40.37%
D – Party Factor 18.01%
E – Don’t know 3.12%
Will the Modi factor work in the legislative assembly election?
A – Yes 70.80%
B – No 19.25%
C – Don’t know 9.95%

Local Issues in Bali Assembly Constituency
Water Problem in the Bali Region
Unemployment Among Youth
Law and Order, Women’s Safety
Shortage of Doctors and Staff in Hospitals
Development Needed in the Education Sector

Claims of MLA Pushpendra Singh Ranawat
Claim of significant development work during his tenure
Education and healthcare sectors were developed
Establishment of ADM Court in Bali
Construction of Sub-district Hospital
Construction of Desuri and Sadri Colleges
Construction of state highways from Mundara to Desuri and Sadri to Sevari
Construction of roads from Sadri to Nadol and Boya to Balwana

Caste Demographics of Bali Assembly Constituency
Total Voters Approximately 271,000
Rajput Voters Approximately 50,000
SC-ST Voters Approximately 55,000
OBC Voters Approximately 51,000
Rebari Voters Approximately 22,000
Seervi Voters Approximately 25,000
Janwa Voters Approximately 25,000
Rajpurohit Voters Approximately 18,000
Muslim Voters Approximately 25,000