A ground-level survey of the North East Delhi Parliamentary constituency was conducted by India News to analyse the performance of Manoj Tiwari, the Member of Parliament from North East Delhi, and gather voters’ feedback about him. In a noteworthy political journey, Manoj Tiwari, a renowned singer, actor, and politician, currently holds the esteemed position of […]

A ground-level survey of the North East Delhi Parliamentary constituency was conducted by India News to analyse the performance of Manoj Tiwari, the Member of Parliament from North East Delhi, and gather voters’ feedback about him.

In a noteworthy political journey, Manoj Tiwari, a renowned singer, actor, and politician, currently holds the esteemed position of Member of Parliament from North East Delhi. Before his foray into politics, Tiwari garnered global acclaim for his multifaceted talents, ranging from singing in Bhojpuri films to active participation in various campaigns.

Presently serving as the first-time MP from the North East Delhi parliamentary constituency, Tiwari asserts significant accomplishments in fostering development in his parliamentary domain. He became actively involved in the Anna Movement in 2011 and, subsequently, secured the MP seat from North East Delhi on a BJP ticket in the 2014 elections.

Tiwari further ascended to the position of Delhi BJP state president in 2016 and played a crucial role in leading the BJP to victory in the 2017 MCD elections. His political journey culminated in being re-elected as the MP from North East Delhi in 2019.
Manoj Tiwari has left an indelible mark on his parliamentary constituency with numerous impactful initiatives. Notable contributions include improvements in metro connectivity, augmentation of public transportation, the establishment of a central school, and the inauguration of a passport office within the constituency.

Tiwari has also played a pivotal role in the development of the Yamuna riverfront, alleviating traffic congestion, and facilitating direct interaction between constituents and their representative through campaign camps.
The North East Delhi Lok Sabha seat, marked by its substantial population and status as a migration hub, holds particular significance. Created after delimitation in 2008, the constituency has consistently elected Manoj Tiwari as its MP for two consecutive terms, with the BJP representative defeating Congress in 2014 and 2019.

Despite being a Lok Sabha seat in the capital city, the constituency faces localized challenges such as the absence of major industries, persistent traffic jams, water scarcity, inadequate infrastructure, and significant development gaps in villages, leading to discontent among the populace.
As the general elections loom on the horizon, Manoj Tiwari’s claims are under scrutiny by the public. Notably, India News conducted a ground survey six months ago, presenting a report card that awarded Tiwari a score of 7.5 out of 10 based on parliamentary performance.

This evaluation will serve as a pivotal factor in shaping the public’s perspective as they assess Tiwari’s candidacy in the upcoming elections.
Manoj Tiwari’s presence in Parliament is approximately 84 per cent, whereas 96 per cent of questions are directed by the MP towards the development of the constituency and the country, which is quite impressive.

On the other hand, around 52 per cent of the MP fund has been utilized, and parliamentary activities show a special contribution of about 70 per cent. Based on this, MP Manoj Tiwari receives 1 point, meaning 0.75 points, or 75 per cent, which is quite commendable.
The public of the North East Delhi Lok Sabha constituency has responded to our six questions without hesitation. Most people believe that the MP’s work in the constituency is showing good results. The focus of the MP on development in the area is always evident.
The public is pleased with the MP’s work in this Lok Sabha constituency. However, they also want to see their MP more active in the constituency because the residents have high expectations from their MP. When it comes to voting, the people here have a better opinion of the BJP.

The Modi government’s work is highly appreciated in the area, and based on development, the people of North East Delhi Lok Sabha constituency are giving a rating of 7 to their MP Manoj Tiwari, which is 3.85, better than average but less than 60 per cent.
In India News’ survey of the North East Delhi Lok Sabha constituency, the public has been asked the same questions that were asked in our survey. It is essential to know the result. While observing the ground performance of MP Manoj Tiwari, the public here is giving him approximately 0.80 points in 1, which is splendid.

Parliamentary performance, the ground performance of the MP, and the score in the India News survey have now been presented to you. In parliamentary performance, he received 0.75 points in 1. In-ground performance, he received 0.80 points in 1. In the social media survey, he received 0.70 points in 1.
In the vibrant landscape of North East Delhi, several pressing issues have captured the attention of the local populace. One significant challenge faced by the region is the lack of major industries, hampering economic growth and employment opportunities for its residents.

Traffic congestion problems have become a daily ordeal for the people, leading to increased travel times and frustration among commuters.
Water scarcity remains a critical issue, affecting both urban and rural areas. The residents grapple with insufficient water supply, demanding urgent measures to ensure access to clean and adequate water resources.
The poor conditions of roads have been a longstanding grievance, impacting the overall infrastructure and causing inconvenience to the public. Potholes, uneven surfaces, and inadequate maintenance contribute to the challenges faced by the residents in their daily commute.

Land ownership rights pose a persistent concern, with some residents facing hurdles in securing their rightful claims.
The issue of unauthorised colonies has been a complex challenge, requiring strategic planning and policy measures to address the concerns of residents living in these areas. Legitimising these colonies and providing necessary amenities are crucial steps toward holistic development.

Lastly, there are significant development gaps in the villages within the constituency. The need for improved infrastructure, better educational facilities, and enhanced healthcare services is evident, emphasising the urgency of targeted developmental initiatives.
As the constituency grapples with these multifaceted challenges, the local administration and elected representatives are under scrutiny to implement effective strategies and policies for the betterment of North East Delhi. The upcoming elections may serve as a platform for residents to voice their concerns and advocate for positive change in the region.

In our ground survey, MP Manoj Tiwari received 3.85 points in 7. Combining all these, MP Manoj Tiwari scores 6.1 points in 10, which is better. Therefore, the public of North East Delhi Lok Sabha constituency has written in the report card of MP Manoj Tiwari… PASS.
After talking to thousands of people in the North East Delhi Lok Sabha seat, this figure is reaching our India News viewers. After interacting with people of all genders, farmers, labourers, students, businessmen, and people from every religion and caste, this interesting figure has come to light. In this, the MP of North East Delhi Lok Sabha, Manoj Tiwari, is scoring more than 60 per cent, and based on our criteria, the MP is entirely passed.