Barmer in Rajasthan is the fifth largest district of the country. Barmer is one of the largest oil and coal producing areas. It is said that Bahad Rao founded this city in the 13th century. That is why, it is named after Bahad Rao. The political turmoil in Barmer affects Rajasthan as well as the […]

Barmer in Rajasthan is the fifth largest district of the country. Barmer is one of the largest oil and coal producing areas.
It is said that Bahad Rao founded this city in the 13th century. That is why, it is named after Bahad Rao.

The political turmoil in Barmer affects Rajasthan as well as the entire country.
Presently Kailash Choudhary of BJP is the MP from here.
There has been a lot of ups and downs in the political life of Kailash Chaudhary. He also worked as a bus conductor to earn his livelihood. Kailash Choudhary contested the councilor election in 1999 but lost. Subsequently, in 2004 he became a Zila Parishad member. After that, he became MLA from Baytu in 2013 but again lost the elections from Baytu in 2018.

Kailash Chaudhary contested Lok Sabha elections for the first time in 2019 and defeated Congress candidate Manvendra Singh, son of former Union Minister Jaswant Singh. He also got a place in the cabinet and is currently union minister of state for agriculture and farmers’ welfare.
As many as 17 Lok Sabha elections have been held on this seat since 1952. Out of the 17 MPs elected from this seat include 6 new faces and 11 known faces. There were also three MPs to whom the public gave a second chance.
The record of becoming MP for three consecutive terms is in the name of Colonel Sonaram Choudhary. He contested elections for the fourth time in 2014 on BJP ticket and was elected MP.

Till now only two MPs from this seat have become ministers.
The pace of development in Barmer Lok Sabha is very slow. Oil and coal mining made some development in this area but development is not visible in other areas of Barmer. The condition of rural areas especially is bad. The scale of development does not appear to be the same in all the assembly constituencies falling under Barmer Lok Sabha seat.
Being on the Pakistan border, security also remains an important issue here.
There are about 18.5 lakh voters in Barmer Lok Sabha seat. The path for both BJP and Congress on this seat has never been easy. The main factor here has been the dominance of Jat leaders. Rajput and Muslim voters also play a vital role in deciding the fate of the candidates here.

All parties have been making similar claims of development in Barmer Lok Sabha but development is nowhere to be seen on the ground
Instead of development, voters focus more on caste and religion at the time of deciding their representative. That is why, no MP has been very active regarding development here.
The problems that the people here were troubled with years ago are generally the same problems even today.

The general election of 2024 is very special for Barmer Lok Sabha. Before the elections, the people here must be evaluating the work of their MP.
India News is also conducting an accurate survey to test the MPs and is putting the public’s opinion before the country.
So let’s see what is in the report card of BJP MP from Barmer Lok Sabha Kailash Choudhary, whether he is pass or fail.

First let’s see MP’s performance in Parliament which include his attendance in Parliament, number of questions and MP fund expenditure and special contribution. MP Kailash Choudhary ‘s attendance in Parliament is estimated to be around 55 percent. At the same time, it is estimated that he is seen taking part in about 54 percent parliamentary debates and questions asked and have also been giving suggestions for the development of the region and the country. If we talk about MP fund, then 89 percent of the expenditure is done and the special contribution in parliamentary proceedings is seen to be around 75 percent. On this basis, MP Kailash Choudhary gets 0.68 marks out of one i.e. 68 percent marks in 1st position, which is fantastic.

However, parliamentary performance matters very little at the time of elections. What the public thinks about their MP on the ground is the real criterion. In India News’ survey, we asked some questions to the people of Barmer Lok Sabha and the people of this Lok Sabha seat have answered those questions with open heart. After talking to thousands of people, see what the public’s verdict has comes out. Please see box of MP record card (ground) for that.

The people of Barmer Lok Sabha answered our 6 questions without any hesitation. Most of the people believe that earlier the work of the MP was good in the area but the focus of the MP has shifted from his work. It means clearly that the people of this Lok Sabha seat do not seem to be angry with the work but are not very happy either. Whereas the people of this Lok Sabha seat want to see their MP more active in the area because the people here like their MP. There were a lot of expectations from Barmer.

On the question of voting to which party, the people here seem to be more in favour of BJP. The people here seem happy with the work of Narendra Modi government at the centre.
On the basis of development in Barmer, the voters of this Lok Sabha are giving 3.85 marks out of 7 marks to their MP Kailash Choudhary which is more than the average. So based on the questions asked to the people on the ground, they are getting about 55 percent marks which the people of the area have given to their MP on the basis of work
In the India News’ survey of MP’s demonstration in the ground, several questions were asked to the people of Barmer Lok Sabha. It is important to know its result. Looking at MP Kailash Chaudhary’s performance on the ground, the people here are giving 0.50 marks out of 1 mark, that is, the MP is getting about 50 percent marks in his ground performance, which is only average.

In this way, you came to know about MP’s performance on the ground and MP’s score in India News survey, but today is the era of social media. On all social media platforms, same questions were asked to the people of Barmer Lok Sabha which it asked in the survey of India News. The results of our survey on social media are also being placed in front of you. In the social media survey, MP is getting about 0.60 marks out of 1. So, about 60 percent people have a favourable opinion about the MP on social media.
So, the MP Kailash Chaudhary got seven out of ten marks on the basis of results of various ground reports and surveys in toto.