Assessing Deepchand Kheriya’s performance as MLA of Kishangarh Bas


Out of the 200 legislative assembly seats in Rajasthan, one seat is Kishangarh Bas, which comes under Alwar. This area is also known as Khairthal Market. Besides, there is an ancient temple of Shyam Baba here. After delimitation in 2008, Kishangarh Bas came into existence. Before that, this seat was known as the Khairthal Assembly seat. In the 2008 legislative assembly elections, Congress fielded Deepchand Kheriya as the candidate, who lost to BJP’s Ramhet Singh Yadav. In 2013, Congress again put up Deepchand Kheriya as a candidate, but he lost to BJP’s Ramhet Singh Yadav once more. In the 2018 legislative assembly elections, Congress changed the candidate and gave the ticket to Dr. Karan Singh Yadav.
This led to Deepchand Kheriya rebelling and contesting from the BSP. Meanwhile, the BJP once again placed their trust in Ramhet Singh Yadav and gave him the ticket. In this triangular contest, Deepchand Kheria, a rebel from Congress, and BSP candidate played a significant role in winning the election. However, Deepchand Kheriya later joined Congress. If we talk about the caste equations of the Kishangarh Bas seat, there are 247,599 voters. Among them, the largest group is SC voters, numbering 55,000. After that, there were 40,000 Yadav and 35,000 Meo voters. Additionally, there are 25,000 male voters and 20,000 male voters. Furthermore, 20,000 Brahmin, Vaishya, 17,000 Gurjar, and 15,000 other voters constitute the electorate.
When discussing the issues of the Kishangarh Bas Assembly constituency, there is a lack of employment opportunities for the youth. And here, there is a scarcity of water, which is a major issue. After Khairthal received more attention, the people of Kishangarh Bas felt deceived. There is a severe lack of development in this area. Additionally, the basic amenities are also lacking in this region. Now, let’s talk about the claims of the MLA. Deepchand Kheriya, the MLA, says that he has undertaken comprehensive development work in Kishangarh Bas from his quota. MLA Deepchand Kheriya claims that the demand for creating a new district by the people here has been fulfilled, which has increased his chances of re-election. During his tenure, Deepchand Kheriya asserts that he has worked on establishing health centres, constructing roads, and promoting development in the field of education.