It is said that Jalaun was named after the sage Jalwan. In the seventh century, this area was ruled by King Harshvardhan. Jalaun is situated on the plains of Ganga, while Yamuna river flows to the north of Jalaun and Betwa river flows on the other side. The 210 feet high Lanka Minar here is […]

It is said that Jalaun was named after the sage Jalwan. In the seventh century, this area was ruled by King Harshvardhan. Jalaun is situated on the plains of Ganga, while Yamuna river flows to the north of Jalaun and Betwa river flows on the other side.
The 210 feet high Lanka Minar here is very famous. Inside this tower, information about entire family of Ravana has been provided.
Jalaun Lok Sabha seat is reserved for Scheduled Caste. At present, senior BJP leader Bhanu Pratap Singh Verma is MP from here. Bhanu Pratap Singh Verma started his political career in 1991 as an MLA from Koch assembly seat. He is considered to have a good influence in the Koeri society. Bhanu Pratap Singh Verma became MP for the first time in the 1996 Lok Sabha elections.
After this, Bhanu Pratap Singh Verma won for the second time in the 1998 Lok Sabha elections also. He maintained his winning streak in the 2004 Lok Sabha elections. Then in the Lok Sabha elections of 2014 and 2019, he has been MP from Jalaun Lok Sabha seat for two consecutive terms.
In this way, MP was elected from this seat for a total of five times. The most important thing is that his hold in Jalaun seat is not only on his own caste i.e. Koeri community but he is recognised as an excellent MP among all the castes. And that’s why he continues to win.
For the first time in 1952, general elections were held on this seat and Congress won. Except from 1977 till 1984, Congress party emerged victorious from this seat.
For the first time, BJP’s lotus blossomed on this seat in 1991. Then BSP and SP have also been successful in winning but since the last two elections the electoral equation of this seat has completely changed and BJP has strengthened its position.
The pace of development in Jalaun Lok Sabha seat of Bundelkhand has been fast since last few years.
However, the infrastructure of this area is quite weak. That’s why even after years of independence, the development of this area could not improve. By the way, the benefits of central and state government schemes are now reaching the people here.
The scale of development may not appear to be the same in all constituencies but the voters here have started appearing quite active regarding development.
There are about 20 lakh voters in Jalaun Lok Sabha seat. There is a lot of change in the social equation between then and today. Voting pattern still depends on caste card but without development, even caste card does not work here.
The most important thing is that this seat has the largest number of SC voters and are considered very informed voters. Development has started visible in Jalaun Lok Sabha seat since last few years. Connectivity between villages and cities has improved.
Now only the MP who fits the scale of development can win from here. It is no longer easy to drive Jalaun while sitting in Delhi. There are many problems which need attention.
The general election of 2024 is very special for Jalaun Lok Sabha. Before the elections, the people here must be evaluating the work of their MP.
India News is also conducting an accurate survey to test the MPs and is putting the public’s opinion before the country.
So let’s see what is in the report card of BJP MP from Jalaun Lok Sabha Bhanu Pratap Singh Verma, whether he is pass or fail.
First let’s see MP’s performance in Parliament which include his attendance in Parliament, number of questions and MP fund expenditure and special contribution. MP’s attendance in Parliament is estimated to be around
97 percent. At the same time, it is estimated that he is seen taking part in about 64 percent parliamentary debates and questions asked and have also been giving suggestions for the development of the region and the country. If we talk about MP fund, then 93 percent of the expenditure is done and the special contribution in parliamentary proceedings is seen to be around 62 percent. On this basis, MP gets 0.79 marks out of one i.e. 79 percent marks in 1st position, which is fantastic.
However, parliamentary performance matters very little at the time of elections. What the public thinks about their MP on the ground is the real criterion. In India News’ survey, we asked some questions to the people of this Lok Sabha and the people of this Lok Sabha seat have answered those questions with open heart. After talking to thousands of people, see what the public’s verdict has comes out. Please see box of MP record card (ground) for that.
The people of this Lok Sabha gave the answer to our six questions without any hesitation. Most of the people believe that the work of the MP better in the area. It means clearly that at the moment the people of this Lok Sabha seem quite happy with the work of the MP. At the same time, the people of this Lok Sabha seat want to see their MP more active in the area because the people here have a lot of expectations from their MP. On the question of voting, the people here seems more in favour of BJP. The people here seem happy with the working of Narendra Modi led BJP government. On the basis of development in the area, the people of this Lok Sabha are giving their MP 4.13 out of 7 marks. In this way, about 59 percent marks are being given which the people of the area have given to their MP on the basis of work.
Further as far as, MP’s demonstration in the ground is concerned, the people here are giving 0.50 marks out of 1 mark, that is, the MP is getting about 50 percent marks in his ground performance, which is only average.
You came to know about the parliamentary performance, the performance of the MP on the ground and the score of the MP in the India News survey, but today is the era of social media. On all the social media platforms, the same questions were asked to the people of this Lok Sabha which questions have been asked in the survey of India News. The results of our survey on social media are also being placed before you. In the social media survey, the MP is getting about 0.70 marks out of 1, which is excellent. About 70 percent of the people have a favourable opinion about the MP on social media.
On work done in Parliament like attendance in the House, number of questions, utilisation of MP fund and special contribution, MP has got 0.79 marks out of 1.
So, Ground performance has got 0.50 marks out of 1. In the social media survey he has got 0.70 marks out of 1 and in our ground survey the MP is getting 4.13 marks out of 7. If all four are combined then the MP gets 6.12 marks out of 10 which is excellent and that is why the people of this Lok Sabha have written in MP’s report card: Pass.