Assailants in Bihar’s Hajipur shot women


In Hajipur, in the Vaishali district of Bihar, a mother who went to pick flowers with her kid was shot and hurt by bike-riding bandits.

The incident took place in the village of Andharavar in the Barati OP region. As the police patrol car drew up, the thieves shot the woman and then sped away. The injured woman was transported to the Sadar Hospital with the son’s help. According to reports, the woman’s health is critical.

The police said, “Baby Devi (46), along with her son Manish, had left the house early in the morning to pluck flowers. Meanwhile, seeing the deserted area, three criminals riding a bike tried to snatch the mobile from the mother and son. Then, seeing the police patrol vehicle approaching, the criminals shot the woman and fled from the spot.”

With the assistance of the police, the injured woman was transported by her son to the Sadar Hospital, where after administering first aid, the physicians advised that she be moved to Patna PMCH.

The incident’s eyewitness and her son, Manish Kumar, who went outside with her to gather flowers, stated, “We typically left the house in the morning to gather flowers in this order.”

When questioned over the incident, ASI Vinay Kumar, who was riding in the same police car, said, “We were going on patrol. At the same time, some thieves were trying to snatch mobile phones from them. When they saw the police car, they shot the woman and then fled away from the spot.”
A case has been registered and further investigation is underway.