Artists perform fusion at Shudh Dhwani concert

Artists perform fusion at Shudh Dhwani concert

With the view to raise awareness on Indian classical music, Snehalata Memorial Foundation recently organized its fourth annual music and dance festival titled Shudh Dhwani at Triveni Kala Sangam. The concert featured some young musicians who performed fusion. Due to lockdown restrictions ‘Shudh Dhwani 2020’ was performed online and last year the event could not be arranged due to the global pandemic.
The first performance on flute featured Ajay Prasanna with Parimal Chakraborty on tabla. The second performance of the evening was given by vocalist Sanjay Doural with Ravi on tabla, Salim Kumar as sitarist and Sandeep on keyboard. The final performance was presented by Bharatnatyam exponent Aparajita Sharma with guru Kanaka Sudhakar (nattuvangam), Venkateshwaran Kuppuswamy (vocal), SH MV Chandrashekhar (mridangam), and V.S.K Annadurai (violin).
In a candid conversation with The Daily Guardian, Ajay Prasanna, one of the leading International flautists of India said, “I played Raga Bageshri and there were two bandish the one I played was Rupak Taal. Then I played Banarasi Dadra in tune. After lockdown again programs started and I am very grateful to Snehalata Memorial Foundation that they remembered me for their show. I thank the foundation that they came back and supported as well as welcomed the performers.”
Snehalata Memorial Foundation is a Delhi based social organisation which was established in 1992, to spread awareness for Indian classical music throughout the world. They pay special attention to remote places and mid-tier cities to popularise Indian classical music. They also conduct workshops on plantations, trees among other things.