Arshdeep catch drop row: BJP targeting Fact- Checker Zubair ; police complaint filed


Arshdeep’s catch-drop controversy puts the co-founder of Alt News Desk again in the BJP’s sights.

Trouble started when a BJP leader Manjinder Singh Sirsa filed a complaint against fact checker Mohammed Zubair to the police over his post of screenshots of tweets against Arshdeep.

Zubair has been charged by the BJP leader with inciting hatred towards Arshdeep and Sikhs in India.

Some of the bot accounts, according to Sirsa, were made specifically to spread “hatred against a nationalist and national player, Arshdeep Singh.”

Keep in mind that a troll army accused Arshdeep Singh of being responsible for the team’s failure. After India was defeated by Pakistan in the “Super 4” stage of the Asia Cup, Sirsa said.

Zubair, who was previously detained on June 27 for allegedly hurting religious sensibilities, now has a new case to deal with.