Arrah resident builds floating house to beat flood threat

Floating House

A resident of Arrah, Bihar, has devised a novel plan to construct the first floating house on the banks of the Ganga in Buxar, with the goal of offering help to residents affected by floods every year.

Every year, floods devastate a big portion of Bihar. People migrate during floods, and when they return, they have no place to live or any means of subsistence.

Kumar Prashant, a resident of Bihar’s Arrah district, has devised a novel method to alleviate the hardships that people are experiencing in the aftermath of the floods. He has constructed a house that floats on water, allowing individuals to live comfortably with their families during floods.

“Every year people here have to face the wrath of the floods. There is a huge population that has to migrate due to floods and they lose 3 to 4 months every year. I have come up with an idea to build a house that is flood-resilient as well have solar equipment to generate electricity.

“We can build several houses in a similar manner so that the entire population of the village can be accommodated during the flood. This is an experiment for survival in water. I have tried to solve the problem using traditional and natural methods,” said Kumar Prashant

He further said, “I am building a prototype that will will have three rooms, and a bathroom and will be built at a budget of Rs 6 lakhs. In the coming one or two years my objective is to build a house that will float in water with a budget of Rs 2 lakh and will not sink. The house will also have space for farming and sheltering cattle.”

Prashant stated that the idea to design a flood-resistant house came to him after the huge deluge in 2019. He stated that building on the floating house had begun on Kritpura’s Ghat Ganga and that it will be completed within a month.

This house was built of cow dung, mud, and straw, as well as items such as empty paint and engine oil barrels.