Apple Watch Series 8 is A device that caters to women’s health


When you have a good product, what gets hard is how to make it better year after year. I think the Apple Watch faces this dilemma. It has without a doubt been the most successful smartwatch in the market for years now. A watch, which stirred the high-end watch market as well. This time around with the Series 8, what new can one expect? Let’s find out.
Apple Watch Series 8 is centred around women’s health. It adds new safety features and a temperature sensor for some intriguing uses for women’s health and family planning.
Some more essential add-ons that you get on the watch are a new accelerometer and gyroscope that can detect the extreme forces associated with a car crash and automatically call the emergency services if you do not respond within 20 seconds. This is in addition to the current fall detection system.
Sleep tracking also gets advanced with a pair of temperature sensors. Some cool things can be done by your watch, like indicating changes in your body like sickness, jet lag, and exercise. It can’t pinpoint your body temperature, but it can create a baseline for you over five nights with sleep tracking.
As mentioned earlier, this watch is great for women’s health. You could record your menstrual cycle earlier, and now you can track your ovulation as well. It has been a great help personally for me, as I have used the health app constantly throughout my pregnancy.
The best part has been the log sheet for me in the Health App. I can store, check, and compare all of my medical details. From my glucose testing to the number of hours I worked out, all is logged in and can be compared for my better health.
One of the most important aspects for me has been the heart rate monitoring. So many times, it has indicated that my resting heart rate is above normal, and I need to relax.  This constant monitoring via the help of the sensors and log data does keep your mind stress-free.  The most important thing is privacy and that one can be sure about with the health app, which are end-to-end encrypted and the data if we you don’t want to are not shared with anyone.
With these great add-ons, one thing that makes Apple Watch fun are the watch faces. You get a lot of new watch faces with the latest watchOS 9 software.
You also get a lot more add-ons in the workout app. You can now change the metrics displayed on the face during runs, cycles, and other workouts. There are also new advanced metrics to use, including heart rate zones, running power, vertical oscillation, stride length, and ground contact time.
Design-wise, the Series 8 looks no different except for the fact that you have new colours for the watch and strap. But then, when you have a successful model, why change the equation?
The battery of the Series 8 is on point. For me when I use my watch the whole day and utilise it extensively, not just for workout but for message replies and constant health tracking, I have the always–on option activated. The watch is less than 50 % exhausted at night. The charging helps buckle back the battery in about 20 minutes.
Apple Watch Series 8 comes at a starting price of Rs 45,900. You have a lot of offers and can get cashback offers on certain cards and banks. For me, it is without a doubt a good upgrade as it works well in the departments. I really need the watch for health, workout and battery. For people who are looking for a design change, Series 8 might not be something you want, but then you have Apple Watch Ultra, which is an altogether new design line. In terms of a good smartwatch, Apple Series 8 continues to be the front-runner.