AP Court Grants Permission for AC Facility to TDP Chief Naidu in Rajamahendravaram Jail


A court in Andhra Pradesh has granted permission for air-conditioning to be provided to TDP chief N Chandrababu Naidu at the Rajamahendravaram central prison, where he is detained due to his alleged involvement in the Skill Development Corporation Scam case.
A legal team representing Naidu submitted a petition on Saturday at the Vijayawada ACB Court, seeking air-conditioning facilities for the TDP leader. The petition, filed by the 73-year-old former Chief Minister’s legal representatives, cited a report from a team of doctors at Government General Hospital, Rajamahendravaram, which deemed it imperative to provide air-conditioning in Naidu’s room promptly. They emphasized the need to prevent the rapid deterioration of his skin condition. The legal team appealed that failure to provide a cooler environment for Naidu would result in irreparable harm and hardship. A group of doctors who assessed Naidu’s condition at the Rajamahendravaram central prison on Saturday confirmed that he is in a stable state and does not require immediate hospitalization but recommended a cooler environment.
After over a month in detention, the court has authorized the provision of air-conditioning for Naidu. Naidu remains in judicial remand at the Rajamahendravaram central prison, facing allegations of misappropriating funds from the Skill Development Corporation, causing an alleged loss of over Rs 300 crore to the state exchequer.