Anuradha Paudwal reveals her singing journey, social work

The iTV Network hosted the “We Women Want Festival’ on 18th March 2023 at the Juhu Hotel in Mumbai. In this event, many well-known women personalities were honoured, and in this programme, several Indian women achievers were awarded. The day-long programme was dedicated to women and saluting their spirit.
Several renowned women’s personalities attended this emphatic function. One of them was none other than noted singer Anuradha Paudwal.
While discussing with the audience she went on to say that my journey is long. It was considered awful for a girl to sing in my family. In fact, I always wanted to sing. My father was against singing, but my mother encouraged me to go for it. Then I started participating in school programmes.
Gradually, it became my hobby, and I entered the film industry. Paudwal made her Hindi film debut in Abhiman. On demand she sang her first song of her career.  In her sprawling career, she sang more than 1,500 bhajans in several languages.
The veteran singer is also engaged in social work along with singing.  She had a center named the Suryodaya Foundation.
“I decided to take up the cause of early detection of speech and hearing after seeing little kids suffering from hearing disabilities,” said Padma Shri awardee, Anuradh Padwal.
She said, “Almost 7-8 percent out of 1.4 billion people have hearing problems.” A hearing aid cost is very which is difficult to afford. People generally don’t pay attention as it is not a fatal disease. “Big personalities come forward and spread a word of awareness, and if required, I am there for the cause.” My foundation decided to provide hearing aids. On the occasion of World Hearing Day on 3 May we distribute free hearing aids.  She appreciated when learnt that Rajya Sabha MP Kartikeya always raises questions in the Upper House regarding social issues. She said that he has been doing a wonderful job.  Expressing her dismay at the new-age remixes of old classics, Anuradha Paudwal said, “Today, several retro songs are being recreated.” I’m worried that today’s generation may grow up believing that these are the original songs.”
She sang a few lines of the beautiful romantic song Dheere Dheere Se.
In the end, when asked about the opening of any singing institute, she categorically said, “no.” It needs a lot of manpower.
However, she stressed to follow Adi Shankarachara for national integration.  She sang a few lines of the beautiful romantic song Dheere Dheere Se.

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