Anupam Kher on boycott Laal Singh Chaddha trend


Aamir Khan and Kareena Kapoor Khan starrer Laal Singh Chaddha faced a tough fate at the box office. Ahead of its release, it faced a lot of calls of boycott. The film even struggled to reach Rs 59 crore at the end of its theatrical run.

In a recent interaction, Bollywood senior actor Anupam Kher opened up about the social media trend of ‘boycott Bollywod’. The actor said: “Laal Singh Chaddha was not a great film. If it was a great film then no power would’ve stopped it. Aamir Khan’s PK worked really well. The point is that you need to accept the truth. I am not for boycott trends, not at all but you can’t stop somebody from doing what they want to do. But if your product is good, it will find its audience. In fact, they will go with a vengeance. And the only way to kill this trend is to make brilliant work.”

Further, he added: “I personally feel this trend will not affect the film. If your film is good, then it will work but if your film is bad, then it will affect it but not because of the trend. Everybody has freedom of expression. If an actor, actress or film person has the right to say anything about any situation then he/she should also be brave enough to sort of go through the situation.”