Another macabre murder in Delhi, Chopped husband into 10 pieces

While the investigation into the brutal murder of Shraddha Walker is still underway, the Delhi Police’s Crime Branch has solved a parallel crime in the eastern part of the capital.

The crime branch of the Delhi Police has detained a man in Pandav Nagar in east Delhi for allegedly killing his stepfather at their Trilokpuri home with the assistance of his mother. The deceased is Anjan Das, who married Poonam in 2017 after her ex-husband passed away in 2016. The accused have been identified as Poonam and Deepak.

After killing the victim, they chopped his body into 10 pieces, which they then kept in a refrigerator and eventually disposed of over several days.

According to authorities, both the mother and her son admitted to the heinous crime.

Anjan was forced to consume alcohol on May 30 while also being given sleeping medications. They then cut off his throat and left the body inside the house for a day so that the blood would completely drain out. The body was then cut into 10 pieces.

Six pieces of the body, however, have been found by the police.

“On June 5, some body parts were recovered in Ramlila maidan, East district. Then for the next 3 days two legs, two thighs, a skull and a forearm were recovered and then the case was filed,” DCP Crime of Delhi Police Amit Goel said.

Special CP Crime  Ravinder Yadav said, “Mother Poonam and son Deepak dumped the body pieces of Anjan Das in isolated areas like behind the Ramlila Maidan, and the New Ashok Nagar drain. They also buried the skull.”

Crime Branch officials claim that the defendant buried the victim’s skull.

When Poonam discovered that her husband had sold her jewellery and sent the money to his first wife, who lived in Bihar with their eight children.

“The situation in Anjan’s family worsened after Deepak got married, and the deceased used to have ill intentions towards his wife and one of Deepak’s sisters who used to live with them. Anjan used to take all their earnings but wasn’t earning himself,” Ravinder Yadav further said.

“It seemed like a gruesome murder. Footages were analysed, door-to-door verification was done and the body was identified,” Goel said.
Goel further said that It was found that the deceased was missing for the last 5-6 months and there was no missing complaint filed by the family members.

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