Animal Teaser Twitter Review


After Animal’s teaser was released this morning, it was followed by a range of reactions from social media users. A fan showered praises on Ranbir Kapoor and on the teaser too as he said, “WHOA!!! #ANIMAL — WHAT A TEASER! #RanbirKapoor is in BEAST MODE! It was truly worth the wait! Can’t wait to watch this one! #SandeepReddyVanga back with RK and this combo is sure to explode box office!”

Another fan tweeted, “This was a perfect tease, apart from the father-son relationship, we know nothing about the story, the motives & Lord Bobby. Ranbir as a gangster is what all the fans were craving for. Mass entertainment with substance is what I expect from #animal.”

Another fan reaction stated, “#AnimalTeaser looks good #SandeepReddyVanga has kept the teaser very edgy and cut the trailer very smartly he hasn’t shown much violence here which is main element of the film but focused on character as well #RanbirKapoor looking massy a perfect bday gift for his fans.”


One of the fans tweeted, “#AnimalTeaser Out 1000Cr All Time Blockbuster LOADING #Ranbirkapoor LET THE #Animal Rise within you.”