Andhra Pradesh: IMD forecasts heavy rainfall in several districts for next 5 days


From Tuesday, the Indian Meteorological Department predicted heavy rain in numerous districts of Andhra Pradesh over the following 5 days.

According to Amaravati Meteorological Centre Director, Stella Samuel, “The lower tropospheric North-Westerly winds will prevail over Andhra Pradesh and Yanam (Puducherry), and the trough from South Interior Karnataka to Comorin area across Interior Tamil Nadu at 0.9 km above mean sea level persists.”

Heavy thunderstorms with lightning are expected on Tuesday in isolated locations over north coastal Andhra Pradesh (NCAP), Yanam, South coastal Andhra Pradesh (SCAP), and Rayalaseema, according to an official IMD announcement from the Government of India. Maximum temperatures are expected to be 3-5 degrees Celsius higher than normal.

Light to moderate rain is forecast on Wednesday and Thursday. On Wednesday, though, the temperature is expected to be 3-5 degrees Celsius above usual. The department also anticipated thunderstorms with lightning in isolated regions of NCAP, Yanam, SCAP, and Rayalaseema for Saturday and Sunday, according to an official press release.