The 5th Awadh Art Festival will be held at the India Habitat Centre in New Delhi from February 2 to February 6. Awadh Art Festival is a contemporary art fair and an initiative to promote talented and seasoned artists by providing them with a versatile exhibition space from which they can come into direct contact with art buyers, art galleries, art connoisseurs, and all other constituents of the art market. A visual artist from New Delhi, Ramya Swamy, is going to exhibit her artwork in this group show. This is a collaboration with the Awadh Art Festival after a successful art camp at the National Crafts Museum. In a candid conversation, artist Ramya Swamy says, “I love using textures and lots of colors to achieve maximum effect in my work.” The colorful paints get me excited, and my creative juices spill onto the canvas to form a vision of the emotional experience of what I went through to create the artwork. My distinctive personal style emanates feelings of joy and peace and expresses the vibrancy of our human spirit. My artworks have been featured in a number of group and solo exhibitions both online and in person in national and international art galleries. Artist Ramya Swamy has won several awards. By creating artworks with a free flowing imagination through deeply layered, picturesque landscapes this time, she wants the viewer’s eyes to absorb the colors and textures to touch something deep inside our psyche. These works are reflections of the time she needed space. Her goal is to create the illusion of vast spaces as she travels to them in her mind’s eye and express herself intuitively through color, shading, and strokes. She further added, “I have always been excited to display my artistic skills in various exhibitions as they challenge me and help bring out my best offering; it is a lovely opportunity to do so.” Speaking Art Foundation’s exhibition, “Adivasi,” will feature a painted mask by me beginning February 17th at the Lokayukta Gallery, “Hauz Kauz.” I also have an online solo coming up in March, as well as many other things planned. “With so many up-and-coming opportunities, I feel very happy to be an artist, and they make me feel proud of making a difference in the art world.”

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