Amit Shah: Whenever Congress attacked Modi, voters of Gujarat gave befitting reply

Union Home Minister, Amit Shah while reacting to the Congress’ “Ravan” remark against Prime Minister Narendra Modi, said that whenever Congress has used inappropriate against PM Modi, people of Gujarat have always given a reply through the ballot box.
Shah was holding a roadshow in Sanand in Ahmedabad, the Home Minister said, “Whenever Congress has used inappropriate words against PM Modi, then the people of Gujarat have given a reply through the ballot box. This time also the people of the state will give a reply.”
While the first phase of voting is taking place in 89 of the state’s 182 constituencies, the home minister is holding a roadshow.

Numerous people participated in the roadshow with the home minister.
“Under the tenure of Chief Minister Narendra Modi, various problems were solved in Gujarat. Gujarat used to face the problem of water scarcity, but a permanent solution was found by Narendra Modi by building check damns, bringing ‘Naramada Yojna’ and ‘Sujalam Sufalam Yojana. Electricity is being supplied for 24 hours and health services have been upgraded across the State. The enrollment and dropout issue in schools was solved. Efforts made by Narendra Modi in solving these basic problems of Gujarat is deeply appreciated by the people of Gujarat,” Shah said.
He termed the anti-radical cell is a proactive step and “If we control radicalisation, then terrorism and riots will be controlled”.

Notably, while running for office, Congress chairman Mallikarjun Kharge referred to Prime Minister Narendra Modi as Ravana at a rally in Ahmedabad’s Behrampura neighbourhood, saying, “In each of these campaigns, Modi just discusses himself. How often do we have to hear, “Don’t look at anyone else, just look at Modi and vote”? How many different forms are there? Do you own 100 heads, as Ravan does?”

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