Union Home Minister Amit Shah on Friday urged historians across the country to resurrect the glory of the past for the sake of the present, claiming that doing so will add in the construction of a bright future.

The Home Minister stated that history does not depend on government and that “truth comes into existence if historians start writing correct facts about those who could not get proper space in the history so far.”

Shah said, “From this dias, I want to convey to everyone, my country’s brothers and sisters, who are writing history that the task of history is to resurrect the splendour of the past for the sake of the present. I am confident that resurrecting the glory of the past for the sake of the present will add in the construction of a bright future.”

The Home Minister made the appeal at the launch of a book titled “Maharanas: A Thousand Year War for Dharma,” written by Omendra Ratnu, an ENT surgeon who has a deep interest in Rajasthan’s history and has written several articles on the subject. Wishing the author luck in writing the book, which claims to reveal the truth about India’s greatest Dynasty, the Sisodias of Mewad, who fought invaders nonstop for 1,000 years and refused to surrender even when their kingdom was surrounded by enemies on all sides, the Home Ministry expressed its gratitude to the author. The Home Minister also advised him to write a ‘Sandarbh Granth’ about similar struggles that occurred across India, and urged all historians in the country to dig out India’s glory from the past and reproduce it in the present so that future generations can learn the facts that have yet to be revealed.

The book, according to the Home Minister, depicts the glory of the Maharanas of Mewar and the heroic fighters of the Sisodia family who sacrificed their lives and many other things to safeguard the kingdom from invaders.

The Home Minister further stated that his attendance at the event is to pay tribute to the millions of individuals who gave their lives to safeguard the country’s glory, tradition, and honour from invaders, as well as those who led us to live a proud life.

The history of the Sisodia dynasty, according to Shah, will greatly add anyone interested in learning about Maharanas who sacrificed themselves and their families for the sake of the kingdom.

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