Amit Shah: Protecting a terrorist is equivalent to promoting terror

Union Home Minister Amit Shah gave his remarks on terrorism on Friday. He said that terrorism is the most serious threat to global peace and security and that “protecting a terrorist is equivalent to promoting terrorism”.

Shah chaired the first session of the third ‘No Money for terror’ Ministerial Conference on the ‘Global Trends in Terrorist Financing and Terrorism’ theme. He gave these remarks while he was addressing the meeting. He said, “Terrorism is, undoubtedly, the most serious threat to global peace and security, but, the financing of terrorism is more dangerous than terrorism itself because the ‘Means and Methods’ of terrorism are nurtured from such funding”.

“Furthermore, the financing of terrorism weakens the economy of countries of the world,” he said.

According to Shah, India rejects terrorism in all of its manifestations and believes that no justification can be offered for acts like the murder of innocent people.

The Home Minister said that while he felt bad for the victims of terrorist atrocities around the world, we should never make concessions to this evil.

According to the Union Home Minister, India has been a victim of sponsored terrorism for a number of decades.

According to him, extremely serious terrorist acts of violence that were committed over an extended period of time and with coordination have forced Indian security personnel and people to deal with them.

The international society agrees that all manifestations of terrorism must be denounced, but according to Shah, terrorism’s manifestations and forms are constantly changing as a result of the technology revolution.

The Home Minister added that terrorists and terrorist organisations are quite adept at using contemporary weapons, information technology, and financial and cyberspace dynamics.

He claimed that the “Dynamite to Metaverse” and “AK-47 to Virtual Assets” transition of terrorism is unquestionably a cause for concern for all nations, and that we must all come up with a coordinated plan of action to combat it.

The threat of terrorism cannot and should not be connected to any particular nation, religion, or group, Shah continued.

The six pillars of India’s policy against the financing of terrorism were identified by the home minister.

“First – Strengthening the Legislative and Technological Framework, second – Creation of a Comprehensive Monitoring Framework, third – Actionable intelligence sharing mechanism and strengthening of the investigation and police operations, fourth – Provision for confiscation of property, fifth – Prevent misuse of legal entities and new technologies and sixth – Establishing international cooperation and coordination,” he said.

Shah highlighted the role of the amendment of the Unlawful Activities Prevention Act and the National Investigation Agency (NIA) in the nation’s fight against terrorism and it’s financing.

“India has strengthened the fight against terrorism and its financing, with the amendment of the Unlawful Activities Prevention Act, strengthening the NIA, and giving a new direction to financial intelligence. It is the result of our continuous efforts that terrorist incidents in India have come down drastically. This has also resulted in a drastic reduction in the economic losses caused by terrorism,” he said.

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