Amid Shubh’s Tour Controversy, AP Dhillon Shares Cryptic Post


Punjabi-Canadian rapper Shubhneet Singh’s ‘Still Rollin India tour’ was cancelled earlier over his alleged support to the Khalistan cause.

A day after Shubh’s tour was cancelled,  Indo-Canadian singer AP Dhillon took to Instagram stories and broke his silence on the fury over Shubh’s tour.

Dhillon wrote, “I try to stay out of all the social mania as it is clear to me that regardless of what I say or do, it is a lost cause… someone, somewhere is going to spin the narrative to their liking and create more division. As an artist, it has become almost impossible to stay focused on your craft and do what you love. I try to be mindful of everyone’s sentiments but it has gotten to a point where we have to second and triple guess our every move due to fear of unintentionally fuelling even more division.”

He added, “Special interest and political groups constantly use our (artists’) public image as a chess piece to further their agenda, while we are just trying to make art that helps people on an individual level, regardless of their colour, race, religion, nationality, gender etc.”

Dhillon concluded, “Spread love not hate. Let’s start thinking for ourselves and not let hateful influences program our beliefs. We are ALL one. let’s not let man-made social constructs divide us. Division has gotten us to this point but unity is the key to the future.”

Take a look at AP Dhillon’s Instagram story

For those unaware, ticket booking platform BookMyShow posted on X on September 20 that the musician’s show has been cancelled. Also, the company said that it has initiated a complete refund of the ticket amount for all consumers who had purchased tickets for the show.




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