Every one of us prays to God in one form or other, whether it’s religious prayer, spiritual prayer or any other type of prayer to seek his blessings not only for ourselves but also for others such as your near and dear ones, colleagues and friends. Self-prayer is the method to communicate with the higher […]

Every one of us prays to God in one form or other, whether it’s religious prayer, spiritual prayer or any other type of prayer to seek his blessings not only for ourselves but also for others such as your near and dear ones, colleagues and friends. Self-prayer is the method to communicate with the higher up to get what all you want to be in life. It is an inner journey, ultimate aim of which is self-discovery, and learn to live a true and happy life. The self-prayer can be in the form of meditation, mantra and ardas which may include affirmations, visualisations, hymns, pledges, gratitude and proverbs to create the positive and peaceful atmospheres. It works on the principle of concentration of mind. Self- prayer is also known as the personal prayer. You can write down your own self-prayer in the language you understand most. Through the media of self-prayer you pay the gratitude to the the Almighty God for the numerous blessings showered on us and also pay our gratitude to the people who helped us out making our lives most loving and comfortable. It also helps in enhancing your spiritual qualities, and character attributes and moral values of life. It improves your physical and mental health. Self-prayer clubbed with affirmation and visualisation has the power to get anything in life what you desire as there is abundance of everything lying in the universe. Self-pledge included in your prayer motivates you to achieve your objectives and goals of your life. Self-prayer will empower you to enhance your inner life which will further strengthen your outer life boosting your financial and social status.
Not only Self- prayer but most of the prayers are based on the principle of affirmation. It will not be wrong if I call the Self-prayer as an affirmative prayer. This prayer is focussed on the positive outcome rather than negative situation. For example if someone is experiencing poverty, he must focus on the desired state of wealth and affirm the desired intentional as if it has already happened. In the prayer you need to project the positive sides of your paucity or lacking something in your life or negative qualities if you have ones. Every sentence or word being recited or mentally repeated must be positive. The same is being engraved in your sub-conscious mind. More number of times you repeat more bright it appears in the screen of super-conscious minds. Supreme power will bless you what you have been thinking or reciting in your prayer. HE will bless you the opportunity and inner energy to achieve what you have been desiring or asking through your self-prayer.
You can also use the technique of visualisation in your prayer. Visualisation is using the power of your subconscious mind to create a picture of something you desire. As your subconscious mind is so powerful that when you visualise something fully, your mind has the same sensation as you are actually engaging in the thing you are visualising. Unlike your conscious mind, God has given a unique quality to your subconscious mind that it can’t discern between false or true. Hence, whatever you think or speak or visualise will be recorded in your subconscious mind. This is the reason why the positive affirmation or visualisation technique is always recommended for the prayer. Therefore, there is nothing wrong if you take day dreams for fulfilling your desires. Your continuous self-prayer will definitely reward you the success what for you have been struggling hard since long.
Knowingly or unknowingly, I have been praying and following the similar type of prayer since my childhood, and most of the times I stayed positive in life. I can say with authenticity that whatever I dreamt or desired, this life rewarded me much more than I asked or prayed for. Even, I have published one such self-prayer in the last chapter of my book titled SECRETS OF FULFILLED AND HAPPY LIFE. I have been following the same very religiously, and repeating the same several times during yoga exercise and during morning and evening walk. You can write your own self-prayer also.

Example of Self-prayer written by me:

n ‘O’ God You are Great,
n Thanks for blessing me with a wonderful gift of life.
n I am grateful to God for giving me another day of life.
n I am thankful to God for blessing me abundance of every thing in life.
n I am grateful to all making my life comfortable and worth living.
n I love God and His Nature.
n I love all and myself.
n I love truth, honesty and peace.
n I love working.
n I love serving.
n I am happy, healthy, wealthy and contented.
n I am simple and reliable.
n I am humble and kind.
n I am proactive and assertive.
n I am bold and courageous
n I am adjustable and co-operative.
n I am smart and wears good dress.
n I am a pure being.
n I am a powerful being.
n I am a respectful being.
n I am a helpful being.
n I am a peaceful being.
n I am a loveful being.
n I am a responsible person.
n I am a independent person.
n I have patience and tolerance.
n I have strong will-power and determination.
n I have trust and faith in God, in myself and in others.
n I have tough mind but kind heart.
n I have creative and innovative mind.
n I have charming and smiling face.
n I have the ability to negotiate.
n I have the ability to listen to others,
n I have the ability to respect others.
n I have the ability to sacrifice.
n I have the ability to set my goals.
n I have the ability to make my own budget.
n I have the ability to take risk.
n I have the ability to set my own examples.
n I have the ability to introspect myself.
n I have the ability to respect my own feelings and feelings of others.
n I have the ability to care myself, my near and dear ones, and others.
n I have the ability to take right decisions.
n I have the ability to respect my own religion and others’ religions and faiths.
n I have the ability to value my time and time of others.
n I have the ability to give away my surpluses to the needy persons.
n I have the ability to concentrate my mind and follow the super conscious mind.
n I pledge to make my life simple, happy and successful.
n I pledge to put up my best efforts to make the next generation better than mine.
n I pledge to live a dignified and respectable life.
n I pledge to create smile and happiness on my face and on others’ faces.
n I pledge to guide others to follow the divine principles of love, truth, honesty, kindness, peace, joy and happiness, and true values and beliefs of life to make this world most loving and wonderful place to live.
n ‘O’ Almighty God give me the power and wisdom for self-empowerment, self-management and self-mastery of life.
n ‘O’ God I always remember You and Your Greatness .
n God Bless my Soul.
In this self-prayer, I have tried to cover all the important positive aspects of life in the very simple words. All the religious and spiritual gurus have been advocating to approach the higher up through the techniques of yoga, meditation, prayer /mantra and so on, and here in the self-prayer, you can also follow the same procedure. The aim of self-prayer and religious or spiritual prayer is the same to live a happy, healthy, wealthy and contented life. If you understand and follow the self-prayer in your day to day life, you will realise the Amazing transformation happening into your life. You will not only eliminate your negativities of life but will also boost your spiritual, mental, physical, emotional, intellectual, financial and social Heath. It may not happen immediately but definitely, you will start getting the reward after sometime.
My sincere advice to all of you, please continue performing your daily religious / spiritual daily prayer as per your daily routine but in addition also spare some time for your own written self-prayer by repeating it for few times in the beginning, and after sometimes you may intensify the repetition to several times as per your convenience. Remember, it takes 8 to 9 weeks to develop a new habit, and it will become as a part of your life, even you will start remembering your prayer by heart. Based on your objective, aim and desires of life you can keep restructuring your self-prayer time to time. You can’t change or transform your life in a day, but sometimes it may take years or decades to get what all you want from life in term of your physical and mental fitness, your financial and social well-being. Let me tell you self-prayer is the simplest technique to adopt but it has the amazing power not only boosting your inner world but also to strengthening your materialistic or physical world. If you start loving yourself, others will also start loving you. People will get attracted towards you and you will start improving or strengthening your relationship with others. Please never ever ignore the self-prayer to enjoy the long journey and also make your co-travellers joyful and happy travelling with you in the fast train of your life.

Lt Col (Retd.) Surjan Randhawa is an author, writer and retired army veteran.