MUMBAI: ALT Balaji’s Hai Taubba is a four-episode anthology drama. The series depicts society’s perception of these distinct individuals with their unique stories of love. It reminds viewers of how judgemental the world is and reminds a person to check themselves before judging another human being.

Gagan Anand started his career in the fashion industry as a designer and model. He has made his mark in the entertainment industry with major roles in major shows such as Ek Veer Ki Ardaas Veera, Bajirao and Ye Hai Mohabbatein. In the OTT space, he has been absolutely brilliant with shows like Fixerr under his belt. He will currently be seen in a major role in ALTBalaji’s brand new series, Hai Taubba as Nitin.

Gagan Anand exclusively spoke to The Daily Guardian and shared his excitement of being a part of Alt Balaji show.

How excited are you to be back on screen with Alt Balaji show Hai Taubba? How did you bag the role?

Balaji is like a family to me now, working with them since a long time is like working with your loved ones.

Hai Taubba is a story, which has all the emotions which one could feel, and after doing a few grey shades / character I am really excited to play this emotional one which has the same sex love story.

What does your character look like in the show Hai Taubba? How relatable it is?

I am playing Nitin’s character who is a masculine physiotherapist, looks like a strong alpha man but from inside he is really very emotional, falls for a taxi driver Amit. We will see an unsaid love story between them and the separation will make people cry.

You have done TV shows as well, how different was doing a show for OTT platform?

Yes, I have done TV shows as well and I felt, life gets monotonous while doing TV. And the content we created on web now a day really satisfies the hunger of creative minds. We play a lot of character in a short span of time and explore a lot.

How was the experience working with the co actors?

It was fun working with all of them. When you go outdoors for work, you enjoy more and spend a lot of time together while working and shooting, so you make friends, which is a good part of it. Even chilling in Goa after the packup was a great fun. Overall have some good memories of screen as well.