In the run-up to the state assembly elections, the Congress party is making every effort to repeat its government. The Congress is devising different strategies. Will the Congress form an alliance with any other party in Rajasthan, or not? This is a significant question because this time, at the national level, the Congress party has formed the “I.N.D.I.A” alliance with various parties, including the Aam Aadmi Party and the Communist Party, who also intend to contest elections in Rajasthan. In this scenario, if these parties contest head to head in Rajasthan and seek votes for the same alliance at the national level, it does not seem feasible. However, considering the results of the past elections in Rajasthan, the situation does not seem favourable for the Congress to form an alliance. Recently, the Rajasthan Congress President Govind Singh Dotasra clarified that if there is a national-level alliance, Rajasthan will not be left out, and similar-minded parties in Rajasthan will also contest together. However, after Dotasra’s statement, the Congress party’s Strategy Committee, chaired by Harish Choudhary, has unanimously decided to send a proposal to the Pradesh Congress that the Congress party should not form an alliance with any other party in Rajasthan. This decision has been made because the results of such alliances have not been favourable for the party, and wherever the party formed alliances, the Congress organization weakened. It should be noted that Sachin Pilot is also a part of this decision. Forming alliances weakened the Congress in previous elections In the 2018 elections, the Congress party formed alliances with RLD, LJD, and NCP in five constituencies – Malpura, Bharatpur, Bali, Kushalgarh, and Mundawar. While the Congress formed alliances and managed to secure a government, it won only one seat, Bharatpur, where RLD’s Subhash Garg was successful in the alliance. The alliance’s major drawback was that the Congress party couldn’t win the elections it contested, and in places where it formed alliances, the Congress organization became significantly weaker. This is why the Congress Strategy Committee has decided that the Congress party should not form an alliance in Rajasthan this time. Harish Choudhary’s opposition to Hanuman Beniwal While the Congress party may consider forming alliances with the AAP and the Communist Party in some seats, there is a major dispute regarding whether the Congress should form an alliance with Hanuman Beniwal’s RLP. Jyoti Mirdha, a leader of the traditional Congress family, has distanced herself from the Congress party due to Hanuman Beniwal. Sawai Singh, who contested from Khinvsar, has also joined the BJP because of this issue. The situation is that the Maderna family also does not want an alliance with Hanuman Beniwal, while recently Harish Chaudhary openly spoke against Hanuman Beniwal. Currently, there is uncertainty regarding whether the RLP will form an alliance with the Congress, and if it does, this could lead to internal strife within the Congress party. It is also being said, that if an alliance does not materialize with the RLP, the Congress party will refrain from forming alliances with any other parties.