Allahabad High Court Slams The Makers Of Adipurush


Adipurush was released on June 16 and since then it has been facing legal issues and protests across the country. On Tuesday, the Allahabad High Court slammed the makers over its ‘questionable and distasteful’ dialogues. It also issued a notice to writer Manoj Muntashir, demanding an explanation within a week’s time.

According to Free Press Journal, the Allahabad High Court said, “Ramayana is a paragon for us. People read Ramcharitmanas before leaving home.” It also observed that the makers of Adipurush believed that the audience will be convinced by the narrative of the film. The court asked, “Hindus are tolerant but why they are tested every time? When Hindus are civilised, is it correct to suppress them?”

Further, the court said, “It’s good that people did not harm the law and order situation after watching the film. Lord Hanuman and Sita have been shown like they are nothing. These things should have been removed from the very beginning. Some scenes seem to be of A (adult) category. It’s very difficult to watch such films.”

The defense on the other hand pointed out that the Adipurush makers put a disclaimer was added in the beginning to rule out any concerns. The Allahabad High Court dismissed and stated, “Do the people who put the disclaimer consider the countrymen and youth, to be brainless? You show Lord Rama, Lord Laxman, Lord Hanuman, Ravana, Lanka and then say it is not Ramayana? We saw it on the news that people went to the theatres and got the film shut down. Be thankful nobody vandalised it.”