The “Green India Challenge” reached a new milestone on Wednesday. Environmental lovers along with Green India Challenge participants planted 5,000 saplings at Malkapoor Industrial Park. The programme was attended by MP Santhosh Kumar and actor Ajay Devgn.

During the launch of the programme, around 100 industrialists, 110 artists and 300 local green lovers participated and hailed the importance of improving green cover. Speaking after launching the programme, Devgn expressed serious concern on increase of pollution and stressed the importance of protecting the environment. “I am very grateful to see Santosh Kumar who started Green India Challenge programme and taking it very seriously for the well-being of society,” he said, adding that Santosh has already planted crores of saplings and inspired others to take part in the holy programme without linking it to the commercial angle.

Member of Parliament and Green India Challenge founder J. Santosh Kumar said he was inspired by the Chief Minister K. Chandrashekar Rao for taking up this green India programme and it was a brain child of Telangana government’s Haritha Haram programme. Later he stressed the need of carrying out Green India Challenge Programme.

Santosh wanted everyone to take part in the programme and said it will ensure improvement in the environment. He welcomed NV Foundation contribution in this regard and thanked Ajay Devgn for extending support for the Nobel cause.

It is to recall that recently the Green India Challenge came up with a book ‘VrukshaVedam’ which contained the articles and programmes carried out since from its inception.