AIMIM MP urges Maharashtra govt to convene all-party meeting over Maratha quota crisis


“If the government fails to act seriously and ignores the quota demand, it may have to face the after-effects,” Imtiaz Jaleel, the All India Majlis-e-Ittehadul Muslimeen MP from Aurangabad told.
The AIMIM MP has called for urgent action to resolve the Maratha quota issue in Maharashtra, demanding that the state government organize an all-party meeting in Mumbai. This appeal comes in the wake of escalating protests by Maratha activists, including Manoj Jarange, who has been on a hunger strike to press for quotas in education and jobs for the Maratha community.
“Marathas are angry. If Manoj Jarange’s health deteriorates, we can’t imagine the repercussions,” he added.
Jaleel, representing Aurangabad in Parliament, emphasized the gravity of the situation, warning that if the government continues to neglect the quota demand, it could face severe consequences.
“If the government fails to find a solution (on the Maratha reservation issue) and if the matter escalates, it will create a big problem for this government (comprising Shiv Sena, BJP and NCP-Ajit Pawar faction). It is high time that the government act on this issue or the state may face problems”, Jaleel added.
The ongoing protests took a violent turn on September 1 when police resorted to baton charges and tear gas to disperse protesters at a pandal in Antarwala Sarati. Agitators responded by setting state transport buses and private vehicles on fire.
The AIMIM leader criticized the state government’s lack of action on the long-pending reservation issue. “If Marathas are getting (quota) benefits in Telangana and Andhra Pradesh, why are they deprived in Maharashtra?” he asked.
He questioned why Marathas in Maharashtra are deprived of the same quota benefits that are extended to them in states like Telangana and Andhra Pradesh. Jaleel pointed out that committees were formed in the past to address the Maratha quota issue, but no progress was made due to a lack of meetings and discussions. He argued that the Maratha community does not require empty sympathy but concrete action.
“Marathas don’t need empty sympathy now. Instead of coming here, leaders of various parties should sit together in Mumbai and find a solution. The government should convene an all-party meeting,” he added.