Ahead PM Modi's 73rd birthday, Yoga programs held in Rajkot

Four yog shivirs were held in Rajkot, Gujarat, to raise awareness of yoga before the birthday of PM Modi on September 17. More than 500 people showed up for the two-day celebration of PM Modi’s 73rd birthday in Rajkot.

Similar Yog Shivirs were also hosted throughout Gujarat by other professors and institutes, and thousands of participants of all ages took part in the shivirs and the mass Surya Namaskar program.
“Yoga is the dearest thing in PM Narendra Modi’s life. The nation will celebrate Modi’s 73rd birthday tomorrow. The two-day yog shivir was held in Rajkot to wish the PM on his birthday. More than 5000 men and women have registered to wish Modi with yoga, and Rajkot has hosted four shivirs for the two days to remember the contribution PM Modi has made in promoting yoga at each home,” said yoga trainer Alpa Parekh.

“In fact, such a shivir has been arranged in each city and town of the state, and a total of 73 such shivirs have taken place in the morning session today across the state as more than 7 lakh people have performed Surya Namaskar as well. They also did pranayama and dhyana.
“Those who have attended the shivir have wished PM Modi on his birthday as they believe that it is because of his efforts that the Gujarat Yog Board has taken shape where yoga teachers and trainers take free classes, and the motive behind it is to keep each family healthy, and I am very happy to join here as well,” said Anil Trivedi, the head coach of the Gujarat Yog Board Rajkot.
Recently, a sand artist created a grand sand art in Gujarat’s Gandhinagar depicting PM Narendra Modi with Chandrayaan-3 and the G20 summit logo. “We have created this sand art on the theme of the successful Chandrayaan-3 mission and the G20 summit, in celebration of PM Modi’s birthday on September 17th. We are very happy with these achievements. It took us three people and 24 hours to complete the sand art,” sand artist Anil Joshi told ANI on Friday.