Ahead of Monsoon session, CM Yogi exudes confidence: Will respond to opposition

Ahead of Monsoon session, CM Yogi exudes confidence: will respond to opposition

With the monsoon session of the Uttar Pradesh Legislative Assembly starting, Chief Minister Yogi Adityanath noted the expectations of the masses of the state and said that they would be answering the opposition’s questions and discussing several issues, including floods.
“The monsoon session of the UP Legislative Assembly is starting today. The people of the state have a lot of expectations from this session. Our govt will be discussing several issues, like floods. We’ll answer the opposition’s questions during this monsoon session,” said CM Yogi. He also took a jibe at the Samajwadi Party for disrupting law and order during the protests.
“There is no harm if any party asks their questions in a democratic way. The Samajwadi Party should take permission for any procession which should not harm anyone. Following law & order is too much of an expectation from Samajwadi Party leaders,” he added.
Chief Minister Yogi also announced on Sunday his decision to dedicate 22 September to women members of both the legislative assembly and the legislative council.
CM Yogi made the announcement about his historic decision while addressing members of the BJP and allies on the eve of the monsoon session on Sunday. Taking place for the first time in a state, the session on September 22 will have 47 female members of the Legislative Assembly and six of the Legislative Council as attendees.
His remarks came while addressing a media briefing ahead of the monsoon session. CM Yogi also attended the three-day ‘Health Camp’ inaugural programme organized for the MLAs in the Vidhan Bhawan complex.