After murder of 25-year-old, protest erupts in Delhi locality


A protest erupted in a north-east Delhi neighbourhood following the murder of a 25-year-old man. In the area, locals broke out and demanded a quick investigation. The police have increased security in the Sunder Nagar area amid tensions, holding all three suspects in the murder case.

On social media, a purported video of the incident is being circulated. It depicts the man being ruthlessly stabbed by a group of men while others stare on in shock.

The victim, Manish, a resident of Sunder Nagar, was taken to a hospital on Saturday night and there, according to a senior police officer quoted by news agency PTI, he was declared “brought dead.”

The incident’s video shows a group of men approaching the victim and appearing to argue with him. The victim wants to leave the area but is unable to do so since one of the men has him by the collar and is holding him.

The victim is then seen being repeatedly thrashed and stabbed by the three men, at least until a local man steps in to stop them.

According to police, the incident was noticed at around 7:40 p.m. Three men have emerged as the main suspects. The three suspects, identified as Sunder Nagri residents Aalam, Bilal, and Faizan, have been collected in connection with the murder, the officer added. The matter is currently the subject of more investigation.

The police officials said the murder may have been committed because of an old enmity.

In order to prevent any unfavourable circumstances, a police force was stationed nearby.