Aftab was triggered when Shraddha went to meet her Bumble date

In the most recent development in the Shraddha Walkar murder case in Delhi’s Mehrauli, the accused Aftab Poonawala admitted to the police during questioning that he was enraged as Shraddha allegedly went on a date on May 17, according to reports.

The authorities further verified this using Shraddha’s call details and the locations of her cell towers.

Shraddha had travelled to Gurugram, according to Aftab’s subsequent allegations, to meet a date she had found on the dating app Bumble. Shraddha returned to their Mehrauli apartment the following day, on May 18, in the late afternoon.

During the police interrogation, the accused further admitted that this allegedly started a dispute between the two before he strangled her to death.

The police had also contacted Bumble in an effort to learn more about Shraddha and her purported date. However, according to reports, the police have not yet revealed what was said in the response.

Aftab previously disclosed to the police that they were at odds and that he had dumped Shraddha. He had also stated that they were no longer living together as a couple and that they were instead living as flatmates in the rented apartment.

Aftab had planned a trip to Mumbai for May 19, but had to cancel it due to the murder he had just committed. He then bought some knives and scissors to dispose of the body. He used knives and scissors to slit her intestine before chopping off her hand and ankles.

Aftab claimed during the recent narco-analysis test that he visited a friend named Badri, whose home was close to the forested area, before having the idea to dump Shraddha’s body parts there. In the Chhatarpur Pahadi neighbourhood of south Delhi, Badri lived close to Aftab’s rental apartment.

According to police sources, Aftab admitted to conducting reconnaissance deep in the forest and finding locations where he could dispose of the victim’s body parts during the narco test. Aftab had seen the wooden area close to Badri’s home. Additionally, he looked online for remote locations where he could dispose of Shraddha’s cut body pieces.

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