Afghanistan: Nine people killed, 74 others injured due to floods

At least 9 people have been killed and 74 others have been injured due to flooding in 23 provinces of Afghanistan, TOLO News reported citing officials.
Taliban official for Natural Disasters management said that flooding killed at least nine people and injured 74 others in 23 provinces, as per the TOLO News report. Taliban official said that nearly 1,800 houses have been destroyed and over 20,000 acres of agricultural land have been damaged due to flooding. Mohammad Abas Akhund said, “In 23 provinces 9 people have died, 74 people were injured and 1,778 houses were destroyed.” Last week, floods were reported in the Zari district of Balkh province. Mohammad, a Zari resident, said that floods destroyed their house.
Raz Mohammad, a local resident, said, “Nothing has remained for us, we were not able to save our home belongings and we saved people by using ropes in the water. Some flood-affected people urged the Taliban and aid organizations to help them, as per the news report. Fazil Rehman, a resident of Zari, requested the Taliban and organizations to help the people.
“We request help us so that our people do not perish,” said Aman Ali, an elder as per the TOLO News report.

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