Afghan Journalists complains about lack of information.

Afghanistan journalists and Taliban
Afghanistan journalists and Taliban

Journalists and media outlets in Afghanistan strongly criticized the lack of access to information as well as harsh restriction placed on media professionals by the Taliban since it took control of the Afghan land in August last year.

“When we contact the government or the officials or drop them a message, they don’t respond us; or they see our messages but don’t send back a reply on time,” said Farkhunda Mehbi, a journalist. According to a report by the South Asian Media Solidarity Network (SAMSN) over 45% of journalists have quit since the terrorist outfit assumed power.

 The ever-increasing restrictions against media in Afghanistan have also drawn widespread criticism globally with the United Nations and the Committee to Protect Journalists decrying the arrests, demanding the Taliban to stop harassing local journalists and stifling freedom of speech through continued detentions and threats.