‘Advaiya focuses on enterprise-level digital acceleration solutions’


In an interaction with The Daily Guardian Review, Manish Godha, Founder & CEO at Advaiya said Advaiya’s mission is to assist businesses to gain a competitive edge by enabling a digital workplace and operations. Advaiya help organisations grow faster and become more profitable by implementing strategic changes with the help of technology.

Q: Give us an overview of Advaiya and its journey so far.

A: Advaiya is a technology consulting and implementation services company specialising in tailored digital solutions for the services vertical, focusing on business apps, analytics, and the cloud. Advaiya has expertise in working with and for service businesses and functions, including field services, project services, professional services, and corporate and conglomerate services. 

Advaiya’s mission is to assist businesses to gain a competitive edge by enabling a digital workplace and operations. Thus, we offer capabilities that assist organisations in gathering and organising information, analysing data, automating processes, and making data-driven decisions. Advaiya has been integrating cutting-edge technologies into businesses since its inception. Beginning as a provider of project management automation solutions, we grew to cover key aspects of customer engagement, including web and digital presence, marketing, sales, delivery, and service management. By building deep business understanding and providing technical excellence and unmatched support, we grew with our clients through a series of engagements over many years. We have now successfully delivered digital transformation initiatives for some of the world’s largest and most innovative businesses.

Q: What are the services Advaiya offers, and how are they different from its competitors?

A: Advaiya focuses on enterprise-level digital acceleration solutions, helping growth-oriented businesses implement the right technologies more effectively. We recognize, especially for service businesses and functions, the value of customer interaction, work management and planning, and people development. 

The key characteristics of such businesses from a digital transformation perspective include the importance of customer engagement, work management, and employee productivity. We aim to provide solutions enabling better insights, increased productivity, easy work management, and decision-making.

Advaiya brings to its clients the advantage of a global team of talented professionals who bring together diverse capabilities while providing world-class solution delivery. Our clients have consistently recognised that we stand out for better business understanding, technical excellence, and unmatched support.

Q: What are your thoughts on Cloud computing, Data Science, and how can they be a game-changer for startups?

A: Cloud computing is a big driver for digital transformation, and so is the potential created by the application of data science. Cloud computing and data science go hand in hand with enabling new revenue streams, new kinds of business models, and new ways of monetizing the capabilities that a business can build.

Thus, it’s not just enterprises but also startups that are benefiting from the new computing paradigms. While enterprises are benefiting from the efficiencies, scalability, and power of these technologies, startups are now exploring new business ideas built on the possibilities that these technologies bring forth.

A new breed of cloud-specific startups as well as those based on the potential of data is now rapidly evolving. Add to that the fact that cloud technologies allow businesses to bootstrap and keep a flexible cost model-based and aligned to their scale means that startups can be way more innovative and experimentative.

Q: How do technology consulting and implementation services provide digital transformation solutions?

A: Consulting and implementation companies like Advaiya help organisations grow faster and become more profitable by implementing strategic changes with the help of technology.

The digital transformation journey involves defining a strategy for a business that is aligned with technology’s potential and then creating a road map for implementing the same. This has to be followed by a diligent and high-quality implementation, which should drive technology adoption as well as monetization for a company.

As the digital infrastructure grows, the potential for new insights, creativity, and better decisions is realized. Any organisation would, at this point, see many more opportunities for intelligent automation.

Hence, we believe in the 4I approach of consulting and implementation, that is, information strategy, implementation, insights, and intelligence, as key for successful digital transformation. 

Q: What are your future plans for 2023?

A: Advaiya is on target to more than double its value creation in the next 12 months. We believe that there is an enormous opportunity for service organizations to adopt newer and more innovative technologies and achieve more. With our focus on solutions for customer engagement augmented by associated work management, productivity, and data capabilities, we are set up for deeper engagements with existing clients in the areas of business analytics, applications, and cloud, as well as extending our client base. Our team is growing rapidly, and we are investing significantly in building structures, practices, and capabilities for superior solution delivery.