Adorn your homes and gift near and dear ones with this magical collection


Step into a world where reality intertwines with fantasy, where enchanted forests and mystical meadows come to life in the form of exquisite botanical tapestry. The Mystery Garden Collection is a limited-edition assortment of whimsical home decor items that will transport you to a realm of wonder and magic. Whether you choose to adorn your living room, bedroom, or any other space, these botanical treasures will elevate your home decor, infusing it with the whimsy charm of an enchanted forest. Pieces from this collection will surely be conversation starters, irrespective of whether you chose to adorn your home with them or gift them. This whimsical home décor collection will take you on a journey through nature’s most enchanting landscapes, all from the comfort of your own home.

Bring the wonder of the great outdoors, indoors
A perfect gift for forest lovers who dream about losing themselves to the wonders of dense woods. This extraordinary collection captures the essence of ancient woodlands, bringing forth the very spirit of these majestic places. You have the ‘Woodland Whispers’ tapestry, a masterpiece that feels like an ancient forest trail and ‘Bunny Hop’ that will have you right in the heart of the woodland. Place them in a cosy corner indoors and they are sure to give a captivating outdoor touch. If you are in search of a perfect item that resonates with wanderlust spirits, these tapestries are surely the right ones you should zero down on.

Experience the tranquility of meadows in any nook
The pieces from this collection will get you to experience the gentle tranquility of sweet greenery and crisp air. Their charm will make any space feel like a sanctuary creating an aura of calmness. These also work as great gifts for those who love nature walks amidst lush greenery. You will find the ‘Mossy Trail’ an artistic tapestry which looks like it’s inviting you on leisurely stroll amidst greenery, or there is the ‘Misty Meadow’ tapestry with its ethereal charm that will remind you of a mist-kissed meadow.

Adorn your table tops with floral wonder
Looking to bring in colours and vibrance of flowers indoors in a way like never before? There are many artistically captured designs in this collection that will mesmerize you. There is the ‘Fairy Flowerbed’, ‘Blooming Tapestry’ or even the ‘Spirit Garden’ which gives you a peek into the enchanting world of blooms, weaving a floral extravaganza with their delicate petals. The imaginative details will breathe life into your space, inviting you into a secret oasis. Gift this to a dear friend who is a dreamer, or decorate a much-loved space with a touch of the hues of blooms. No matter the theme of the decor, this piece fits modern, contemporary as well as classic and vintage spaces with equal ease.