Aditya Roy Kapur On Nepotism


Bollywood actor Aditya Roy Kapur has been in talks for his role as Shaan Sengupta in the latest web series The Night Manager. Aditya Roy Kapur is the younger brother of the film director, Siddharth Roy Kapur. In a recent interview, the actor talked about his struggle to make his name in the industry.

The ongoing debate about nepotism in Bollywood has sparked many arguments. The actor also gave his opinion about the debate. He said that nepotism was not a factor that helped him get work in the industry. He mentioned that his initial days in Bollywood were marked by several supporting roles in films which were not related to his brothers.

In an interview with Filmfare, The Night Manager actor said, “I think people know that I have kind of made my way into the industry. I started with supporting roles in films my brothers weren’t involved with. My journey has been a public one. People saw my career develop slowly. By the time I did my first leading role, I had already done three supporting parts. So I think that journey is clear for people to see.”

Aditya further talked about the rejections he faced while auditioning in the early days of his career. He said that his brothers did not help him get roles in the industry because of which he had to make his way through a lot of rejections. He also mentioned that it made him rethink his decision to become an actor.

He added, “If you want to be an actor, I think rejection is part of the process. You better get used to it. The early days of auditioning were pretty much a lot of no. I used to audition for a lot of stuff but it’s not like I knew for sure that I wanted to be an actor. I was an RJ and I was happy. I was never really into films.”

The actor said that he was working as a RJ in his initial auditioning days and was happy doing that. He mentioned,  “I used to go to certain auditions because people used to call me now and then. And I would audition because you never know what opportunities would come. But I don’t think those early years scarred me a lot.”

The actor will now be seen opposite to Sara Ali Khan in Anurag Basu’s upcoming movie, Metro in Dino.

Apart from work, the actor has been in headlines for his romance with Liger actress Ananya Pandey. They have been spotted together at many occassions now. They were recently spotted on their way to watch the Barbie movie.