Adani Wind receives certification to start production for global markets

Adani Wind, a division of Adani New Industries Limited, has obtained type certification from WindGuard GmbH for its 5.2 MW Wind Turbine Generator (WTG), which is India’s largest. This certification allows Adani Wind to begin mass production for global markets. The IECRE certification ensures that Adani Wind’s 5.2 MW WTG meets the highest quality and safety standards, gaining international recognition for this turbine.”
The type certification acknowledges Adani WTG’s conformity with the globally recognised IEC 61400 series standards and regulations for design, testing, and manufacturing. WindGuard carried out the testing of the WTG prototype, installed at Mundra, Gujarat.
Speaking on the occasion, Mr Vneet Jaain, Director, Adani New Industries Limited, said,  “The type certificate reaffirms the quality and robustness of our 5.2 MW WTG platform built to bring down Levelized Cost of Energy (LCOE). The certification is a boost to our endeavor to  make India the global manufacturing hub for renewable equipment. India has emerged as a trusted partner as economies prioritise building efficient and resilient global supply chains. We are focused on building a portfolio of high-yield  next-generatio wind turbines made in India and are well-poised to cater to the global wind energyy demand.
Mr Milind Kulkarni, Chief Operating Officer (COO), Adani Wind, said, «The certification is  a testament to our R&D efforts focused on enabling higher Annual Energy Production  (AEP) of wind power plants and enhancing profitability for customers. We thank our team for their commitment and unwavering focus on leveraging technology to enable affordable, reliable, and sustainable power for all.»
Adani Wind’s 5.2 MW wind turbine features a rotor diameter of 160 meters with a swept  area of 20,106 square metres, and a tip height of 200 metres, making it one of the most powerful onshore wind turbines in the world. The 5.2 MW WTG is developed by Adani Wind  in collaboration with W2E Wind to Energy GmbH, Germany.
About Adani Wind
Adani Wind, the wind energy solutions division of Adani New Industries Limited (ANIL), is focused on enabling the clean energy transition globally. The company has an integrated manufacturing ecosystem for Wind Turbine Generators (WTG) located in Mundra, Gujarat. The blade manufacturing unit and the nacelle and hub assembly unit, which are located close to Mundra port, strategically give Adani Wind the advantage of efficiently and cost-effectively catering to both domestic and
international markets. Adani Wind envisions becoming a leading global wind Original Equipment  Manufacturer (OEM) and is ramping up the Mundra facility to 5 GW. With an in-house R&D team  and technology collaborations with leading academic and research institutes, Adani Wind is focused on developing technologically advanced next-generation turbines. Adani Wind is expanding and  creating a diverse product portfolio suitable for all wind regimes in India and across the globe. The company has developed one of the world’s most powerful WTGs with a rated capacity of 5.2 MW and a rotor diameter of 160 meters. Adani Wind is creating wind energy solutions for a cleaner and greener planet.
About Anil New Industries Limited
Adani New Industries Ltd. (ANIL), a wholly owned subsidiary of Adani Enterprises Limited (AEL) is at the forefront of the energy transition initiatives of the group across sustainable fuels and green molecules. It is dedicated to bolstering India’s energy security and enabling decarbonisation goals globally. ANIL, as part of its strategy to develop a fully integrated value chain, is building one of India’s most comprehensive and state-of-the-art renewable energy manufacturing ecosystems across wind, solar, electrolyzer and allied equipment at Mundra, Gujarat. ANIL is developing end-to-end solutions to produce globally competitive green hydrogen and its associated sustainable derivates at scale. The company is adapting and nurturing future technologies in pursuit of providing affordable and sustainable energy for all.

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