Adani SAKSHAM upskilling youth


The courses offered by Adani Skill Development Centre enabling youth from weaker sections to upskill, reshape their future


When Pradhnya Somendra Dahate, a resident of Tiroda in Maharashtra, decided to join her father’s small-time welding shop, she lacked the required skills. But she was determined and decided to shoulder her father’s responsibilities and help her family. “Hailing from a financially weaker section, opting for higher education was not an option for me. But I still wanted to support my father as he was the sole breadwinner,” says Pradhnya.


She came to know about Adani Skill Development Centre (ASDC) and its welding technician course. She quickly enrolled in it. After completing the course, she started helping her father in the shop. The father-daughter duo now earns up to Rs 20,000 monthly.


“Not only do I enjoy my work, but I’m also proud to be able to help my father and take up financial responsibilities. I’m now looking forward to learning more skills in my profession and making my parents proud,” says Pradhnya, who’s making her way in a field predominantly lead by men. 


Today, rapidly evolving technology is changing the trajectory of jobs and the job market. One cannot discount the importance of upskilling and reskilling. With an aim to observe the necessity of upskilling especially among the youth, World Youth Skills Day is observed on July 15 every year.


This day focuses on the importance of equipping youth with the required skills that can enable them with employment and entrepreneurship opportunities, acknowledging the importance of making youth self-sufficient. To bridge this gap, the Adani SAKSHAM has been imparting various and diverse courses to upskill and reskill youth through ASDC.


 “With rapid advancements in technology, the trajectory of workplace and jobs has undergone dynamic changes. New possibilities have paved the way for youth to constantly upskill themselves to keep up with the latest changing job trends, as it is expected that with new innovations and advancements in AI, more jobs will be created for youth in the coming years,” says Vasant Gadhavi, Executive Director, ASDC.


As technology evolves, there is a challenge to bring onboard upskilled manpower to enhance productivity. “ASDC has been continuously working on introducing new courses focused on technology-based skill upgradation programmes such as drone pilot, EV charging, and others to make the Indian youth future-ready,” adds Gadhavi.


Nandhini S., a resident of Nandiambakkam in Tamil Nadu, was raised in an orphanage with her three siblings. Becoming self-sufficient and giving her siblings a better life was always her dream. 


“When I came to know about ASDC through my friends (alumni of ASDC), I decided to enroll in a beautician course,” says Nandhini S. “As I upskilled, I became more confident and started working towards my goal of being an independent beautician,” she adds.


As her financial condition started getting stable, she decided to take up personal orders and started preparing homemade natural products for her regular clients. “I slowly took more mehendi, bridal, and bridesmaid orders. Through my savings, I was able to set up my own salon, save up money for my future and support my family,” she adds. Nandhini still ensures that she keeps herself updated with the required skills on a regular basis.


ASDC has been actively imparting over 70 diverse courses across 13 states in India. The team is also continuously working on introducing new skill development and upgradation programmes for the youth. ASDC is also imparting courses on virtual reality, Metaverse and simulation-based machines to learn to operate cranes, large equipment moving machines and more.