Accused claims to be HIV+ in Mumbai’s Mira road horrific killing case

According to a report by Indian Express, Manoj Sane, the accused in the brutal murder of Mumbai Mira Road, informed police that he never had any physical interaction with his live-in partner, 32-year-old Saraswati Vaidya, because he is HIV positive.

Manoj is suspected of murdering Saraswati, dismembering her body, and then cooking it in a pressure cooker for disposal. They’ve been living together at the Mira Road flat for 3 years, despite knowing one other since 2014. Manoj told authorities that he first met Saraswati 16 years ago at a ration shop where he worked at the time.

Sane told authorities that he was diagnosed with HIV in 2008 and that he has been taking medicine since then. He stated that he was involved in an accident for which he received extensive therapy. Sane informed authorities that he feared he had contracted HIV during that treatment.

Saraswati, according to Manoj, was like ‘his daughter’ and was very possessive of him. As the officers discovered a board on one of the walls of the couple’s flat, Manoj Sane stated that he taught Saraswati Maths because the 32-year-old was preparing to take the Class 10 SSC exams.

According to police, the victim, Saraswati Vaidya, was an orphan with no family. Saraswati’s three sisters, on the other hand, went to the Naya Nagar Police station on Friday to record their statements.

While Manoj Sane and Saraswati Vaidya were known to their neighbors as a live-in couple, Saraswati’s version was similar to Manoj’s. According to a staffer at the orphanage where Saraswati grew up, she informed them she was living with her uncle.

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