AAP gains in Gujarat at Congress expense

Aam Aadmi Party (AAP) has made its entry into Gujarat Assembly having won 5 seats. The party has increased its vote percentage to 12.87 per cent in an indication of its growing presence in the state.

AAP convenor and Delhi Chief Minister Kejriwal said his party has entered the BJP’s “fort” and next time, it would be able to win. “Gujarat is considered a stronghold of the BJP, but we have been able to breach this fort. AAP has got about 13 per cent votes in Gujarat. Till now, 39 lakh votes have been received and counting is still going on. We are grateful to the people who reposed faith in us. This time we have succeeded in breaching the fort, next time we will win the fort,” Delhi CM said.

Kejriwal also said this would formally pave the way for his party becoming a ‘national party’. “My party which is only 10 years old has become a ‘national party’ after AAP got almost 13 per cent votes in Gujarat Assembly election.” “Today, the AAP has become a national party. Results of the Gujarat election have come and the party has become a national party. 10 years ago AAP was a small party, now it has governments in two states and has become a national party,” Delhi CM said. For AAP to get the status of the national party it will require at least 6 per cent vote share and needs to win at least two seats. “I will be forever grateful to you for the love I got from the people of Gujarat every time I went to Gujarat during the elections. I learned a lot from Gujarat,” Kejriwal said.

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