AAP again backstabbing & defrauding farmers in name of providing legal help, says Capt Amarinder Singh

Punjab Chief Minister Captain Amarinder Singh
Punjab Chief Minister Captain Amarinder Singh

Punjab Chief Minister, Captain Amarinder Singh, on Sunday accused the Aam Aadmi Party (AAP) of once again backstabbing and defrauding the agitating Punjab farmers by making hollow claims of providing legal assistance to them to fight cases against actress Kangana Ranaut and certain other BJP leader, including Union Minister Raosaheb Danve.

Reacting to media reports that four of the five petitioners in such cases were active AAP workers, the Chief Minister said it’s high time that Arvind Kejriwal and his cronies stop playing their sneaky games for scoring brownie political points. “Your intent is clear. You are only trying to weaken the farmers’ agitation and playing your sneaky games at BJP’s behest”, said the Chief Minister, adding that such theatrics on issues concerning the lives and future of the farmers are deplorable.

He said it was “pathetic” that AAP leaders were stooping to such low levels and using their own party workers to file petitions against BJP leaders and others to bolster their claims of providing legal help to farmers.

The Chief Minister said after the manner in which AAP government in Delhi implemented the Farm Laws at a time when the farmers were preparing to march to the national capital, the world now knows who the real agent of BJP is. The collusion of AAP with BJP is now a matter of record, he said, adding that this was not a lone incident.

“The Arvind Kejriwal government has been bending backwards to keep its masters in the central government happy because it is incapable of ruling independently and effectively, as we all saw during the Covid peaks in Delhi. The way Kejriwal went grovelling to the Centre for help each time clearly exposed his closeness to them. After all, in times of crisis, you rush to those you are closest to and not to your political opponents,” he said.

The Chief Minister said merely shouting and screaming a lie again and again does not make it the truth. Referring to the claims of certain AAP leaders about Punjab being member of the Committee on Agricultural Reforms that drafted the farm laws, the Chief Minister said the way these leaders have started parroting the Akali’s stand, one is forced to draw the conclusion that there is a collusion between the two parties – a collusion founded on lies. He said the so-called committee never once discussed the Farm Laws. “In fact, far from it there was not even a passing mention of such laws being considered”, said the Chief Minister, asking is that so difficult for AAP and SAD leaders to understand.”

The Chief Minister said unlike the AAP, which has never believed in serious governance and only indulges in street politics and theatrics, the Congress government in Punjab cares about its people and is always working for their good. “We don’t play politics with the lives of our people”, he said, adding that AAP had been totally exposed and should realise that these kinds of antics failed to woo the people of Punjab in 2016-17 and are not going to save them even now.